Village Square Leisure Centre Waterpark Review

All summer I have been wanting to take Autumn to the Village Square Leisure Centre in NE Calgary. Autumn and I both love the water, she had been asking for swimming every day all week and when I was a kid there was no bigger treat than a trip to the “wave pool” as we called it.

After a recent stay in a hotel with a pool and a waterslide, which Autumn had loved. I was sure that she was going to love the Safari Splash Zone play area and all of the kid sized waterslides for her and I to try.

I could not have been more wrong.

Autumn was teriffied of the Safari Splash Zone and the waterslides. When I tried to gently persuade her (aka sent her down the baby slide) She screamed until her face was purple..

So then I tried what is usually her favorite place. The tots pool with all the toys. However she could still see the baby slide that I had just sent her down so she stopped screaming long enough to say NO, ALL DONE. .

We compromised on the hot tub and that is where we stayed for a couple of 10 minute intervals between which I tried to coax her to try the tots pool again but she wasn’t having it. So after about 40 minutes of misery I admitted defeat and we headed off to every kids favorite lunch stop, McDonalds.

While my great swimming morning may not have gone the way I jmagined it would I would definatley recommend the Village Square Leisure Center waterpark.

It was really affordable costing less than $7 for me and Autumn was free since she is under 2. There was lots of toys in the tots pool, the safari splash zone has been a hit with my 4 year old neice on prior visits and I am sure that someday Autumn will love it too. For the bigger kids and moms and dads of course there are 2 big waterslides (my personal favorite is the Thunder Run) as well as a hot tub, dive tank, steam room, dry play area lots of chairs on the pool deck and rentals shop for life jackets etc.

To learn more about Village Square Leisure Center visit the City of Calgary Website and search Village Square Leisure Center


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