Homemade Bug Repellents

Jul 9 2014     /    

It’s finally summer! Unfortunately the warm weather comes with bugs, lots of bugs! Here are some homemade bug spray recipes to keep your little one protected all summer long: Lavender/Vanilla Spray Combine in a 16 oz bottle 15 drops of lavender oil 3-4 tbs of vanilla extract 1/4 cup lemon juice Fill the rest of […]

5 Tips to Keep Kids Active All Summer

Jun 30 2014     /     ,

Written by: Deb Lowther Schools Out! While kids are jumping for joy, parents all over the neighbourhood are wondering what the heck are we going to do to keep the kids busy all summer! While summer camps are great, not all families choose all day camps and even if they do, there are still another 4-5 evening hours that kids are looking […]

Mommy Mania July 21 – 25

Jun 30 2014     /    

Join us for our third week of Mommy Mania 2014!  Each day between July 21 – 25 we will be featuring 2 different companies on twitter, facebook and in our newsletter.  There are 4 ways to win – during the Fanparty on Monday July 21, the Twitter Party on Friday July 25, at the end of week when […]

Review: Sphero 2.0

Jun 12 2014     /     ,

Tech savvy children will love this cool new tech toy! Orbotix, known for their innovative tech gadgets, has created Sphero 2.0. Controlled by your iOS or Android, Sphero 2.0 rolls seven feet per second, turns your living room into a video game with augmented reality apps and brings programming off the computer and into real […]

Father’s Day Madlibs & Other Great Ideas!

Jun 11 2014     /    


Madlibs are fun at any age!  If you have a child that can talk – ask them for their input and if you don’t, Mommy can get creative and answer for their baby!  This is sure to be a unique and humorous gift for Dad! Click here to download the Father’s Day Mad Libs printable!   We […]