Embrace the real side of parenting with QUAKER

Nov 28 2016     /    

There are definitely the good days (okay, maybe combinied moments) that make all of the sleepless nights, mess and chaos worth it.  Here is one that I happened to capture while making supper – I’m pretty sure Julie Andrews was singing something joyous in the background and the HILLS WERE DEFINITELY ALIVE.  Spinning happiness! There […]

Attention:  I Cried Today! I Am Mother!

Nov 27 2016     /     ,

Written by: Simone Reali Allow me to preface. On Monday, Remi was sent home from daycare because of a fever. On Tuesday, Remi and Gia stayed home. On Wednesday, Remi stayed home and Gia returned to daycare. That same afternoon, Gia was sent home from daycare because of a fever. On Thursday, Remi and Gia stayed […]

Review: Cloud B Storytime Huxley

Nov 23 2016     /     ,

Incorporate story time into any bedtime routine with Storytime Huxley, the interactive story bear. Children will fall in love with this charming companion as he reads five classical bedtime stories whenever they want; play it, pause it, or even change the volume with a simple squeeze of a paw. Kids can also follow along with […]

Mommy Connections Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 22 2016     /    

Peekaboo Beans From leggings to layers, all mixing and matching, the colours are cozy and the prints are catchy! With the Winter 2017 collection, the fun never has to end! Irish Fairy Door Company Parents/Kids can register their Fairy on the website and then parents get emails with tons of cute ideas on how to make this super […]

5 Items for Helping Your Baby Sleep at Night

Nov 21 2016     /     ,

Hi all! My name is Kate Trout, and I run the blog over at Maternity Glow. If you’re looking for some gear to get your baby nice and comfortable in order to get some sleep, then keep reading. Oh, sleep. One never really thinks about what a luxury it is, until it has been robbed […]