Kids Sing And Dance Their Way to Reading and Writing

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Written by Rachel Dueck Do you ever find yourself humming while changing a diaper? Or making up a silly song about airplanes as you are circling your toddler’s mouth with a spoonful of smashed peas?  And why, you ask? It’s the power of singing! As a mother to four beautiful daughters and an Early Literacy […]

Play It Safe While Playing Pokémon GO

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  Written by: Sarah Dee Trying to get the whole family to get outdoors this fall? As if you need a reason with the fall foliage and crisp temps, but as we all know, kids need a little incentive from time to time. Fortunately, Pokémon GO, the location-based augmented reality game, has subconsciously motivated people […]

Review: Playmobil Pirate Treasure Island

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If you have a 4 year old birthday coming up or are starting to work on your Christmas list, check out Playmobil’s Treasure Island! Uncover a secret pirate hideout at the PLAYMOBIL Pirate Treasure Island. Ward off any unwanted visitors with the functioning cannon, hidden trapdoor, and rock fall booby-trap. Hidden buttons on the rock archway can trigger either […]

Babybay Bedside sleeper – a crib that can attach to your bed

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The Babybay Bedside sleeper is the baby crib that attaches to your bed, keeping baby close and safe while you sleep. Hunger cries at 9pm, 12am, 3am, & 6am? Stay half-asleep while you nurse. Nighttime separation anxiety? Your touch is only a hand’s reach away. Need to respond to a crisis? You’re already right there. Working […]


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Written by Susan Chau  Community Librarian and Mother of Zoe (age 5) Kindergarten is a critical age for learning, and as a parent myself we are our child’s first and best teacher. At this age, children make significant progress in developing the building blocks of reading and literacy. As a community librarian, I am thrilled […]