Babybay Bedside sleeper – a crib that can attach to your bed

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The Babybay Bedside sleeper is the baby crib that attaches to your bed, keeping baby close and safe while you sleep. Hunger cries at 9pm, 12am, 3am, & 6am? Stay half-asleep while you nurse. Nighttime separation anxiety? Your touch is only a hand’s reach away. Need to respond to a crisis? You’re already right there. Working […]


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Written by Susan Chau  Community Librarian and Mother of Zoe (age 5) Kindergarten is a critical age for learning, and as a parent myself we are our child’s first and best teacher. At this age, children make significant progress in developing the building blocks of reading and literacy. As a community librarian, I am thrilled […]

2016 Ford Mustang GT and American Sports Car Nostalgia

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The Mustang GT was the perfect way to end summer.  Other than a few days, I was able to have the top down nearly every day.  I usually end my car reviews with the price, but this time, I think I will start there – the base model Mustang GT Convertible starts at just under […]

Fall 2016 Peekaboo Beans Line

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It’s here!  The Fall 2016 Peekaboo Beans line is funky and trendy and of course, comfortable!  Check out the line for yourself. In September we all get back into routines and activities.  What I really like about Peekaboo Beans for Fall are the pants.  I don’t need to change my little guys to go from an […]

Review: Boiron all natural health products

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When the opportunity came up to do a review on the Boiron all natural health products I was excited. At the time, I had a 12 month old with only two teeth that had started teething from the age of 3 months. Everly is a very bad teether, getting diaper rash, fevers, and upset stomachs […]