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Written by: @GabDiesendorf Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Afterwards – Bra Shopping Guide Motherhood changes everything, and whether you are happy or not about it, your breasts are also a subject of that change. Even before your pregnancy test shows that joyful plus sign, the hormonal changes are preparing your breasts to feed your baby once it arrives. […]

Mommy Mania 2016

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Join us for our first week of Mommy Mania 2016!  Each day between February 8 and 12 we will be featuring different companies on twitter, facebook and in our newsletter. There are 4 ways to win – RSVP to the parties and enter to win our Grand Prize, during the Fanparty on Monday Feb 8, the Twitter […]

Review: Lipidol

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I will be a lifetime lipidol fan! I have lived in Vancouver the past five years and the climate there is very good for the skin. Whenever I came back to Saskatchewan, especially in winter, my skin would become dry and flaky within days. When my family and I decided to move to Saskatchewan a […]

How to Control Fatigue after Having a Baby

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Written by: Ella James Fatigue is a common complaint from women after giving birth. However, you may have heard many suggestions, supplements, or recommendations from women who have given birth before. Every one of them has her own way of getting rid of fatigue. Pregnancy makes women feel always tired hence by the time they […]

Turn Your Kids Into Dog Trainers With Three Great Games!

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Written by: Ash Stevens The everyday family has enough to do between work, house, and managing children. Throw a dog into the mix and training is sure to end up on the backburner. But while we may be short on time, we have little helpers that can take on such tasks. Kids are perfect candidates for […]