Top 10 Toys to Get the Kids Outside

Apr 23 2015     /     ,

Written by: @Deb_Lowther Spring has sprung. I am sure of it this time.  The grass is turning green, the patio furniture is calling and I am wearing flip flops!  Time to get the kids outside, and keep them out there, as long as possible! The excitement of Spring is usually enough to lure the kids outside to explore whats been hiding […]

Why and When Babies Actually Smile?

Apr 23 2015     /     ,

Written by: Lisa Coffey “You’re never fully dressed without a ….. Smile!”  Oh! What an overjoyed feeling you experience when your own little flesh-and-blood adoringly gazes right into your eyes and then flashes a short, but definite smile! Now does she really wants to converse her joy or does she simply has gas? Babies generally […]

Car Seat Safety Video

Apr 16 2015     /    

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Mommy Mania April 20-24

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Join us for our second week of Mommy Mania 2015!  Each day between April 20-24 we will be featuring different companies on twitter, facebook and in our newsletter.  There are 3 ways to win – during the Fanparty on Monday Apr 20, the Twitter Party on Friday Apr 24, and at the end of week when we select our […]

Teething Babies and The Munch Mitt

Apr 15 2015     /    

Munch Mitt

We are on baby number three and although he’s only about 2 months old, I know from my first 2 kids that teething is just around the corner.  My kids seem to teeth early, but continue being super drooly until 2.5 or even 3!  My 2 year old wears several bibs a day STILL!  Fortunately, […]