Introducing our newest partners; Peekaboo Beans!

Oct 9 2015     /    

Mommy Connections loves everything play and we are so proud to be working with Peekaboo Beans for the next year as one of their Ambassadors.  We will get to try out many of their pieces from each of their 4 lines over the course of the next 12 months.  We started with the Fall 2015 […]

How mom’s level of education influences children

Oct 9 2015     /     ,

Written by: @GabDiesendorf How mom’s level of education influences children Traditionally, there are two factors that influence one’s success in life: heritage, i.e. what we inherit from our parents in terms of psychology and attitudes, and behaviour, i.e. what we are surrounded by and what we are most likely to acquire and copy in our own […]

Tips for Parents: How to Help your Child Make Friends

Oct 9 2015     /     ,

Written by: Tracey Clayton Most people tend to idealize childhood and say it is the best part of life, but not everyone shares this experience and childhood can be downright awful for some kids, for many reasons. One of those is not having friends while you are growing up. Not all kids are extroverted, outgoing, active […]

5 Reasons To Jump More

Oct 9 2015     /     ,

Written by: @GabDiesendorf Jumping ropes, on trampolines or even big bedroom beds – it is fun and does good for your health, without a doubt. Jumping is an exercise that is easy to begin with, but impossible to give up, and it helps in both physical and mental development. This is especially important when it comes […]

Review: Nudge Macaroni

Oct 5 2015     /     ,

Nudge specialize in providing Canadians a variety of Grass Fed products that the whole family can enjoy, including Rolling Meadow Dairy and Life Choices Natural Foods.  Grass Fed practices are better for the cows, the environment and your health! Nudge over KD because their Mac and Cheese not only tastes great, but it meets the […]