Top 5 Birthday Presents

Feb 24 2017     /     ,

Written by: @GabDiesendorf The happiest day of the year for most kids is their birthday, perhaps only with the exception of Christmas. Starting from the moment they wake up, they know the day is all about them, filled with laughter, games with friends at the party, cake, delicious snacks, and the best part – presents. Now, […]

How can herbal remedies help women with hair loss?

Feb 24 2017     /     ,

Written by: Saima Sharif There is nothing more gorgeous than thick hair that shine on head with natural health. But hair loss is a common problem that many Canadian women suffer from. There are almost 100,000 strands of hair on your scalp and it is considered very normal to lose 60 to 100 strands per […]

How To Do Yoga With Your Kids

Feb 23 2017     /     ,

Written by: Meera Watts Parents have always looked for activities to do with their children which are often confined to playtime or story time. Mothers practicing yoga know firsthand the benefits of the yoga poses physically, emotionally, and mentally. Experts say that these are also applicable to kids that can bring them loads of benefits […]

Top 5 applications for pregnant women in 2017

Feb 23 2017     /     ,

Written by: Susy Richards   Mobile application development is getting revolutionized with every passing day. Apart from miscellaneous hi-tech devices such as baby fetal dopplers, pulse oximeters or music bandages, these applications can help you organize, learn, improve and provide countless other benefits. Based on reviews from expectant mothers women, we have collected the top […]

Peekaboo Beans Early Spring 2017 Collection

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Peekaboo Beans will be launching 6 collections this year, rather than the past 4 collections! The Early Spring collection has been released this February, you can check it out here. Stayed for the next collection releases: Spring – April 2017 Summer – May 2017 Back to School – TBD Fall – TBD Winter – TBD The unique […]