BrightPath (& Sub-Brands) National Open House January 2017

Jan 14 2017     /    

BrightPath – all locations (AB, BC, ON) except Port Moody, BC Saturday, January 21, 2017 10am – 1pm Waived administration fee     Peekaboo – all corporate locations (centres located in Bolton, Brampton, Burlington, Georgetown, Milton, Mississauga, and Oakville) Saturday, January 21, 2017 10am – 1pm Waived administration fee     Brite Studios – 1 […]

Introducing our new partner: West Edmonton Family Chiropractic Studio

Jan 12 2017     /    

Hi ladies.  I am Dr. Wendy/ Wendy aka wife, mom, friend, triathlete (on hold at moment), chiropractor.  I don’t share all this to impress but to show we all juggle a lot all the time and don’t look after ourselves near as much as we should especially after baby arrives.  I‘ll get into self-care another […]

Why would I take my child, who has no symptoms, to a chiropractor?

Jan 12 2017     /     ,

It is a proactive lifestyle habit that nurture’s your child’s health. Ten reasons parents now take their children to see a chiropractor 1.)    To maximize their child’s plasticity (brain and nerve development) 2.)    To enhance their child’s overall health and well being 3.)    To strengthen immunity and reduce the incidence of colds, earaches, and general illness […]

Newborn Happily Awake Span

Jan 10 2017     /     ,

Written by: Elizabeth Pantley How do you help your newborn to be happier, sleep better, and be more peaceful? Respect your baby’s Happily Awake Span! Newborns shouldn’t stay awake very long The natural span of awake time is very, very short for a newborn baby and gradually increases over time.  Newborns can only stay happily […]

5 Alternatives to the Minivan

Dec 23 2016     /     ,

Written by: : Jenna Joubert As your family grows, you need more space in your vehicle to accommodate extra passengers and cargo. At capacity, most sedans can hold five people, but not comfortably. So, no matter what, if your family is expanding, you need a bigger car. One of the first vehicles parents consider is […]