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My name is Amanda Braschuk. I’ve been married to my amazing husband Paul for 5 years, together for 8.  He works away from home which can make life a little crazy when I’m parenting solo.  My daughter Zoey is 2.5 years old, she is the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen.  My son Asher is one, he is incredibly handsome and really mischievous.  I also have two dogs who think they are human, which is only fair because in this house fur babies are family too!

I’m a stay at home mom and very thankful for a husband who works extremely hard allowing me this time with our children.  Before kids I worked in the service industry for 17 years. I am friendly, enjoy meeting new people and I love talking (too much if you ask Paul). These characteristics kept me in the industry so long because it was constantly engaging. I also worked in accounting, timekeeping and administrative positions.

I love reading, music and Mother Nature.  I am a daydreamer with an overactive imagination. I’m rather scared of everything.  My kids have made me stronger and they have made me brave.  If I can grow a human and conquer labour & delivery – what is left to fear? I’ve never written publically before but for years I have written poetry and kept journals – to myself.  I’m looking forward to sharing motherhood/parenting adventures with everyone.

I had countless fears as a first time Mom.  Would the baby be born healthy? Would I be able to breastfeed? Would the dog be okay with the baby? Can I do this on my own having a partner working away from us 6 months of the year?  The list goes on and on. It’s scary. In my almost three years of Motherhood I have learned this, it takes a village. I am not saying you need multiple caregivers for the wellbeing of your child. I’m suggesting you need a network & would urge you to build your fortress strong.

As mothers our strength and support is often found through other moms. Be it our own moms, relatives, friends, coworkers ….Mothers. If I’m being honest, other moms scare me. Our society has created a stigma on what a perfect mother needs to be. It is stressful reaching out to a new mom friend & making a play date.  What if I offer a juice box, do they let their kid drink juice? Will they judge me if I do?  I was going to making mac and cheese for lunch, are they okay if it’s not organic? If I feed my baby a bottle of formula am I condemned because I don’t breastfeed? I discipline with spanking, will she still be my friend? We have to stop this judgment of ourselves and others. We worry what others will think about how we parent & we worry we might be doing it wrong because so-and-so does it this way and her child is younger than mine but speaks 25 more words. Enough.

In addition to anticipating judgement of our parenting, I’ve noticed myself and others having a perpetual need to constantly defend our choices. Yes I give my kid juice but only on special occasions and it is 100% juice….I gave my baby formula but I tried really hard to breastfeed…I will let her play on my phone but never for long and only if I really need a few minutes to myself…He watches television but I ensure it’s only educational programming.  The ridiculous part is we don’t owe anyone an explanation regarding our decisions.  Providing our main priority is the health and safety of our children, why do we feel compelled to justify how we are raising them? I could guarantee the doubts & concerns you stress upon are precisely what the mom you recently met is worrying over as well. But…but…but…but. Enough.

When I think about my friends who are mothers, ideals we have in common and those we differ on significantly, ultimately our objective is the same.  We are doing the best we know how. We learn from one another and while we don’t always agree on parental methods, we all love our children and desire the best for them. We need to enjoy spray park play dates instead of worrying whether we use the best all natural sunscreen. We have to embrace our varying parenting styles rather than fussing over differences. We must be each other’s support rather than hindrance. At the end of the day let us be strong together. This is enough.



Postpartum Depression – Let’s Share Our Stories

Having a new baby is both emotionally and physically draining. It’s normal for parents to experience mood swings – from crying to anxiety, from joy to feeling sad or depressed. There is a lot going on, tons of hormone changes and not a lot of sleep. These low/depressed periods can be called the Baby Blues. The majority of women experience at least some symptoms of the baby blues after the birth of their child. The baby blues are short lived, however for some moms the depression is deeper and lasts longer – this is postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression can start during pregnancy all the way to the end of the child’s first year of life. PPD affects the way people feel about themselves, their child, the people and world around them. PPD can look different from person to person – some people isolate themselves, other people experience feelings of hopelessness, anxiety and sadness, others have trouble concentrating and learning new things while others can experience physical health problems. In some rare cases people can have thoughts of harming themselves or their child – in this situation medical care (calling 911, going to the hospital, calling the crisis line) should be sought immediately.

Postpartum depression can affect anyone. Both moms and dads can experience postpartum depression. We often think of it as a mental illness that affects just moms, but dads are also going through a tremendous change in their life. Parents who adopt can also experience postpartum depression.

Remember that we don’t live in a perfect world – there is no perfect pregnancy, perfect birth, perfect baby or perfect parent – and that’s ok. Do the best you can – keep your expectations realistic. Your child isn’t going to grow up and talk about how clean your house was – they will talk about the time you spent together.

It’s ok to ask for help. Have someone to come over and spend some time with baby while you take a shower/bath, take a nap, read a book – whatever it is that you need to do to feel like yourself. Ask them to bring a meal with them. People are always willing to help, we just need to tell them what we need.

Many women don’t know the signs or symptoms of PPD because it’s not something that is talked about. Let’s end the stigma around postpartum depression. Did you suffer from the Baby Blues? Postpartum Depression? Postpartum Anxiety? Feel free to share your story with us and we can post it anonymously or sign your name – your choice. Let’s share our stories so other moms can speak up and feel supported. jennie@mommyconnections.ca

It’s Time To Let Go Of My Mom Guilt – Mommy Blogger

Nicole Betker is a mother, wife, rabid Toronto Blue Jays fan and a pop culture junkie. Always having an opinion or something to say, it’s time this journalism grad found a place to share her musings on the acts of “adulting”.

Mom guilt. It’s overwhelming. It’s consuming.  And I wish it would just go away.

Why should I feel this way?

Shouldn’t I have a life outside of caring for my tiny human? Shouldn’t I buy things for myself? Shouldn’t I be able to do the things I enjoy?

This week was an experiment. I had a week of holidays and daycare was still open before its three-week closure for the summer. So – I took it. I took the week for me and I’m not letting myself feel guilty. I’m not letting that mom guilt creep in!

Somewhere along the journey of life – I’ve lost a little bit of Nicole. I’ve been a hard worker, created a successful career, been a loving and supportive wife and now mother – but I failed to continue to work on me. I spent my time working on those things and not working on who I was. I seemed to put her in the back of the closet to take out on a rainy day.

It has been so easy to start doing things for me but end up reverting to it becoming about others and the mom guilt would creep in that I shouldn’t be doing this.

So this week – it was all about me.

I went for long walks. I went to the library and made it to the adult fiction section. I read in the sun. I went for a pedicure. I worked out. I people-watched at a cafe. I went shopping and actually bought myself something. I worked on a craft that I had been putting off. And I made plans with friends, I hadn’t seen in a while.

This wasn’t about being selfish – this about ensuring I am the good mom, wife, friend and coworker I want to be. Without me understanding who I am, I can’t be the good mom, wife, friend and coworker I’ve always wanted to be. I now realize I just became a robot moving through the daily grind of work, cooking, cleaning and housework.

Me being me makes me a better mom and now that I know it, making time for me will become a higher priority.

I challenge you to do the same!

10 Years Difference – Mommy Blogger

My name is Christina Hnatiuk. I am a new mom of a 6 month old baby boy, Marshall. I am married to a wonderful man, we will have been together for 5 years, married for two. I work full time in Human Resources and part time as a Ukrainian dance instructor. I love to try new things, especially new restaurants and food. In my free time, which is hardly ever, I love to bake, specializing in cheesecakes. This is my first time writing a blog but I am looking forward to sharing my adventures in parenting with everyone!

Ten years ago, I never expected to be where I am. Married, with a house, a baby and a dog. I also never thought I’d end up with someone ten years older than me.  I met my husband while working at a golf course. When we met, I didn’t know how old he was, and it was never a question I thought to even ask. By the time I had found out I was already so head over heels that it never mattered. When people found out our age difference it always seemed to be a big deal. Either people were questioning his motives or worried that I was going to end up hurt. It wasn’t easy and really put a strain on our relationship. I was always worried what people thought whenever we were out.  As we got older and had been together for a while it stopped bugging me, I knew I loved him and if we were happy what did it matter to someone else. Although it was hard, my relationship has definitely taught me things.

When we first met everyone who knew us both would tell me he was a lost cause, self-proclaimed bachelor, no interest in getting married, scorned by the last girl, But I pursued him anyway. In the beginning we dealt with a lot of jokes, especially from his friends, and I learned to just laugh along with them. When you are by yourself, it’s hard to look past those things and not let them get to you. Part of the issue was also because of his age he was fine to move a bit faster. I was 23, so I had all the time in the world, but he was 33 and if he was going to settle down, he probably didn’t want to wait to long. After a few dates I knew that he was the one. People think that can’t be true, but in all honesty he was everything I was looking for. He must have felt similarly because he gave me a key to his house after only a month of dating.  In this stage of our relationship I learned to stop caring about what other people thought. I had to. As soon as I started moving in, around a month of dating, everyone in my life had concerns. “This is moving so fast, are you sure?” was the same sentence I heard from everyone close to me. But I was so sure and was so ready. In your early 20’s its hard to not let what people say bother you, you are trying to figure out who you are, but peoples opinions still weigh heavy on your decisions. Being with someone older, who did not care what anyone thought, pushed me to see that those opinions didn’t matter as long as we were happy!

We had lived together for almost a year before we bought our house together. Anyone who has bought a property together will understand this can be a stressful task. Exciting, but stressful for sure.  I was extremely busy the summer we were looking so I let him go look at properties with his dad. This is something I struggled with because I need to be in control all the time. But he assured me he’d keep me in the loop the whole time and I let go of the control. In the end he picked the house and I didn’t actually see it till the day we moved in. He did a wonderful job. This process taught me to let go of the control and trust that someone else to make decisions. His age and maturity helped me let go, I knew he would pick a place that worked for us and our needs, not something that was “cool”.

We got our dog the fall we moved in to our house. And the following spring we got engaged. Now if you are doing the math we had officially been together for 18 months.  We picked out a ring together, and he surprised me one morning. For me it was perfect and so romantic. I wouldn’t change a thing about it because it mirrored our relationship perfectly. I had definitely changed a lot in those 18 months. I grew up fast and my maturity grew to match his.  He pushed me to be a more responsible person just by being who he was.

The next 18 months went by planning a wedding and honeymoon. We were married on Thanksgiving weekend, and at the end of the month zipped off to Disney World for our honeymoon. While on our honeymoon we found out we were expecting. It was a shock for sure, but we were both so exciting and it was in our plan for the near future so timing was perfect. And now our baby boy turned one yesterday!

Being with someone older taught me so much. It taught me to not worry about what other people think, to let things go, it forced me to grow up and mature, but most of all my relationship taught me that love doesn’t have an age. Younger, older or the same age, it doesn’t matter. As long as you find someone who loves you unconditionally, supports you, trusts you and of course you have fun with, what does the number matter? There are definitely going to be ups and downs no matter what the age difference is, just like in any relationship or marriage. I know there are so many more lessons I’m going to learn and I hope he’d say I taught him a few things too. As long as you are happy then nothing should get in the way of love.

“I know there is a difference in our ages, but who cares? My heart has no idea how old your heart is.” -Unknown


For My Fellow Mom – Mommy Blogger

Hello! My name is Julia Dawn and I am a singer-songwriter, blogger, hula hooper, worship leader, and full-time Mom. My little girl was born May 2016 and has turned our lives into a beautiful chaotic whirlwind.  I live for her giggles, make it through the day with re-heated coffee and unwind with beautiful stationary and a nice fountain pen in my hands. Oh, how I love my stationary. My goal is to be real, raw and honest about Mom life, marriage, friendships and living life with passion.


Hello, my fellow Moms.

I thought you, like me, could maybe use a reminder today. So this one is for you.  Know that you are strong, brave and oh so loved.

My fellow Mom,

You are amazing. You fill this big world with tiny sprinkles of joy that get caught in the wind and spread like wild fire. Your love is contagious! It is being passed around from you to your kids to their friends to their teachers to other schools and you may not even know it. The love you share with your family is outstanding. Thank you for loving them even when it’s hard, even when you’d rather be anywhere but in the kitchen making another meal or changing another diaper, thank you for loving your family enough to stay. You are a great Mom!

You are a rockstar. Your kids look up to you and are learning from you daily. They hear those words, they see those actions and they truly are your mini-me’s, so thank you for being kind. For always trying your best to say kind things and respond to situations in a way that isn’t harmful. Kindness is hard sometimes, we all get angry every now and then and that’s ok! Thank you for showing that emotions are a part of everyday life and for teaching your kids how to deal with them in a healthy way. You are a great Mom!

You are brave and strong. I see the struggles you are facing and although maybe I can’t relate 100% to this exact situation, please know that you are being supported and loved on. You will get through this! Thank you for working through it and for showing your kids that women are brave and strong and can make it work no matter what the circumstances. You are a great Mom!

You are doing an amazing job. Yes, I see that your fridge is a little empty this week, I see that you let your kids have ‘too much’ screen time, I see that you didn’t get to the play room when cleaning up today and I see that you haven’t checked off everything on your list. But you know what? Your kids are alive, they are fed, safe, surrounded by people that love them and they are full of adventure and smiles and laughter! Isn’t our job to support them and let them dream big dreams and help them reach new heights? Well, Mama, you are doing that by letting them use their imaginations, by helping them learn and see new things. You are doing an amazing job. You are a great Mom!

Please don’t forget how important you are. I see how you put your kids first most if not all of the time, and I see how exhausted you are because of it. It’s ok to take some ‘me’ time. Go to the spa, get a hair cut, buy a new book and sit a whole afternoon in a coffee shop like the old days. And if anyone asks you who gave you permission, you can tell them I sent you.  It’s not selfish to take care of yourself, it’s actually the healthy choice. So go, be free for a day! I know it’s hard to find the time but make it. Refresh yourself.

Who cares if you covered or not while breastfeeding, who cares if you let your kids jump on a trampoline or not when they were young, who cares if you use boathouse sunscreen if it works for your kids and who cares if you choose private school or public school. You know who cares? You. And that’s the only person that matters (okay and your partner) in these decisions. You are doing what you believe to be best for your child(ren) and that makes you a great Mom.  You are joyful, loving, kind-hearted, brave, strong, important and LOVED. Don’t ever forget it.

Sincerely, a Mother who needs this reminder just as much as you.

22 Questions to Ask When Searching for The BEST Daycare Provider – Mommy Blogger

hi, I’m Cierra and I was born and raised right here in Saskatoon.  I am a brand new mom to a beautiful baby girl, a loving wife, budding entrepreneur, and lover of all things girly.  I believe that life is exactly what you make it, love conquers all, and to never stop learning.  I love coffee, make-up, home décor, DIYing and reality TV (guilty pleasure okay!). Through my posts on the blog, I hope to tell a story and speak on topics that people can relate to, even if they aren’t widely talked about or discussed.  Since I am a brand new mom, every day is something new for me.  So let’s learn together and build each other up, because let’s face it, this mom thing is hard and we need all the help we can get! To continue keeping up with me off the blog, follow me on Instagram @Ciierrajade.

Okay, the time has come.  Your maternity leave is ending, and it is time to head back to work.  But before you can do that, you must find daycare for that beautiful bundle of joy you are used to spending every day with.  This is something I am currently going though, and let me tell you, I didn’t think it would be this hard!  Just the thought of someone other then myself, my husband or one of our family members watching our daughter sends me into a panic!  However, in many families, it is something that has to be done.  You want to start your daycare search approximately 4-6 months ahead of the time that you need it.  I find good places to look for daycares is on local mom groups, Facebook groups, Kijiji listings, recommendations from friends/family etc.  Once you find a provider that you think may fit, always schedule an in-person interview with them and come prepared with questions. If you can, schedule the interview at a time when the daycare is in full swing so that you can see how the provider interacts with the children, and how the children interact with one another. I decided to reach out to some fellow moms who have already gone through the whole daycare process to see what questions/requirements they find most important.  Here is a list of what they had to say:

  1. Credentials – How long have they been in business? Do they have any specific training with children? Get to know their story and how they came to do what they do.
  2. Criminal Record Check – you always want to ensure that the provider you are considering has had a criminal record check completed recently (generally within the last 6 months).  To add to this, you want to ensure anyone else that may help look after your child has one on file to.   Ex) a spouse, friend, etc.
  3. CPR Certification – This is a MUST.  You want to ensure that when your child(ren) is in their care, should an emergency arise, they can provide first aid until a medical professional can attend.  At least one adult on duty should have current CPR/First Aid training.
  4. References – it is always a good idea to ask the provider for references from other parents that have their child(ren) under their care. You can cross reference any information they may be giving you in the interview to the parents’ experience at the daycare.
  5. Tax Receipts – for many individuals’ daycare is a tax write-off, and also helps to reinforce the fact that they are operating under an actual business, since they will have a paper trail of their income from your receipts.
  6. Discipline policy/method – All parents have their own idea of what discipline looks like to them. It is best to find a daycare that has the same model and beliefs as you to avoid any issues in the future.
  7. Outdoor time – Spending time outdoors is great for kids. Do they have resources in their own yard to entertain the kids?  Do they make trips to a local park?
  8. Transportation – will they be using a vehicle to transport your child(ren) anywhere? If so, do they have proper and valid car seats?  Do you need to provide your own?
  9. Daily Routine – what does a typical day look like? Is there a lot of structure?  What activities do they typically do?  Any type of education provided?  TV time?
  10. Supplies – Do you need to provide diapers and wipes? Do they allow cloth diapering? Is their anything else that you should bring?
  11. Naptime – Are naptimes scheduled for certain times or when your child needs it? If you have a strict sleeping schedule set out for your child, will they abide by that? Where do naps take place? How many children to a room? Do they have working monitors for each child? Do they know safe sleeping practices (put babies on their back, no toys/blankets in crib before one, etc.)
  12. Meals/Snacks – What does a typical menu look like? Are they allergy friendly? Do you need to provide anything?
  13. Illness Policy – At what point of sickness are you to keep your child at home. Some daycares will not except your child at daycare even with the slightest cough, where others will have them until they get a fever. This is important to know so that you can ensure your work schedule is flexible enough for their policy.  If the provider has children and they get sick, what is their policy?  Will they administer medications if necessary?
  14. Vacation/Time Off – If your provider is taking time off, how much notice do they provide you? Do you still need to pay the regular daycare fees when they are on holidays? If you plan to take a holiday, how much notice do you need to provide? Will you need to pay during child’s absence?
  15. Back-up Care – do they have someone in place to care for your child during their sick leave or vacation time or is it up to you to make alternate arrangements?
  16. Cleaning products/procedures – what types of products do they use and what does their cleaning schedule look like? For some parents it is important that only green chemicals may be used.
  17. Other children – How many other children are under their care? What are their ages? What are their personalities/temperament like?
  18. Smoking and Pets – do they smoke in our outside of the home? Do they have pets? Will they be around the children unattended?
  19. Hazard Control – Check to ensure that they have cords away, electrical covers on the outlets, baby gates in place.
  20. Communication – Do they keep any type of reporting for things such as incidents, accidents, etc. Will you be able to reach them by text/phone call during the day to check in?
  21. Pickup/Drop off times – Ensure these times mesh well with your work schedule. Are they flexible at all in case of a delay at work or traffic? Is there a late pick-up fee?
  22. Rates – What do they charge daily/monthly? How do they receive payment? What type of deposit do you need to put down to hold your spot?

At the end of the day, no one will be as great as caring for out babies as us.  BUT there are some EXCELLENT care providers out there that do a wonderful job in helping our children learn and grow each day.  With these questions that I have provided, I hope that you are able to make the best informed decision for you and your family about daycare for your child.  If you have any other questions to add, leave them in the comments below! I would love to add them to my list.

10 Essentials for Your Summer Bag – Mommy Blogger

Kristen Raney

The temperatures are soaring, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining. . . it feels like summer to me.  For our family, summer means impromptu play dates, trips to the splash park, lazy beach days, and lots of ice cream.  It’s hard living a block from the best ice cream spot in our city, but somebody’s got to do it. 😉

The bad part?  The crazy mess that’s left over when the fun is done.

Or even worse, running late because you can’t find the sunscreen or mosquito spray or insert whatever else you can’t leave without.

Enter the summer bag.

One place for all your essentials to be immediately emptied out and repacked when all the fun is done.

The summer bag was our sanity saver last summer, and this year will be no exception.  Here’s my list of 10 items we don’t leave home without, and a few nice-to-haves for certain outings.

Avoid the mess and stress this summer with one grab and go bag full of all your summer essentials. Perfect for keeping your kids happy and safe during all those trips to the park or beach.

1. Magazine for Mom

My child is finally at the age where I don’t have to obsessively follow him around the playground anymore.  I lay out on my blanket and catch up with the latest in home decor.  Before you get too jealous, know that I still get frequently interrupted for requests to “watch me Mom” and snacks.  It’s all good.

2. Mosquito Spray

Don’t leave home without it!  In our area the mosquitos will eat you alive and laugh at your foolishness.

3. Bubble Wand and other toys

Sometimes there’s no one at the park your child’s age to play with.  It’s nice to whip out a toy or two that you save only for trips to the park or other outings.  Dominic LOVES chasing after bubbles.

4. Water Bottles

You’ll need one for each member of the family.  If you have a larger brood, I recommend bringing one large thermos of water and reusable cups for everyone.

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5. Snacks. . .

Keep everyone happy with a small selection of healthy snacks.  Our favourites to take are apples, blueberries, cherries, crackers, and rice cake chips.

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6. or Money for Snacks

When that ice cream truck comes calling, you’ll be ready!

7. Reusable Bag

Useful for wet swimsuits and towels, toys, or any purchases you might make.

8. Sunscreen

Apply around 30 minutes before you leave the house, and reapply every 2 hours, or if you start to feel that burning sensation.  I burn very easily, so I use SPF 50 and try to stick to the shade.

9. After Sun Gel

If you do get burned, it’s great to have this on hand to avoid flaking and peeling.

10. Sunglasses

Because if you’re like me, you’re forever losing and finding them.  Sigh.

Other Summer Essentials to Make Life Easier

Dominic is now too big for a stroller, but he still wants to be carried or gets tired of walking easily.  I use a fold up wagon for all our outings.  We also always carry a picnic blanket with us, which has also doubled as a towel in a pinch.

In our car, I keep an umbrella and three folding chairs so we are always ready for potlucks and BBQ’s.  I hate forgetting to bring a chair.  No matter how much I like sitting on the ground, grass stains and imprints on your skin get annoying after awhile.

Want more summer hacks?  Follow my Outdoor Living, Summer, and Life with Kids boards on Pinterest!

Summer Fun with a Baby – Mommy Blogger

Tamara Kaminski. I grew up in Cottage Country, Manitoba and moved to Saskatchewan in 2014 with a busy Corporate Marketing career. Here in beautiful SK, I met my redneck dream guy! We’ve been married for 2 years and our awesome Son is 1. I waited a long time for my dream family, and absolutely love our busy, crazy, fun life with our Son and 2 pups. Life has thrown its curve balls, so we are navigating new waters where I can be home with our little guy. www.skippingstonesdesign.ca

Our little guy is just over a year so I’m learning how to cope in the heat waves while keeping him entertained.
Most days it seems like we go through the dance of getting everything ready to head outside, and this dance can take quite a while…and not too long after we finally getting outside, we’re starting to overheat! So then you make sure he drinks his cold water, try over and over again to get him to wear his hat, and try to keep him in the shade. Not easy feats with a walking, busy, tiny human.
I have found a water table is an absolute must – seriously if you don’t have one, you will not regret this purchase! Most times the toys we have are engaging, but for those other times, I’m always looking for fun ideas and stumbled across this list of activities on Parents.com that I thought other Moms might enjoy!


I would love to hear other Mom’s suggestions for their favourite sunblock for baby, what better place to ask!

Enjoy your summer, it will go by so fast! This is a challenging time of year with inside and outside of the house turning into a giant playground to keep the little ones happy. In those moments when life is feeling hectic, go outside with your kids; go smell some flowers, go outside at night and chase firefly’s; soak up their excitement of all of these new wonders.

Canada Day Celebration Door Prize Winners

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Canada Day Celebration on June 28th ! I hope everyone had a great time! Great company, beautiful weather and delicious cake!

Thank you to Kerry with Kerry’s Photography for taking some great photos!
Thank you to Fantastic Facepainting for the amazing facepainting, to Tinkerbell and Merida from King’s Castle Designs & Events

Thank you to Marlice for helping cut the gigantic cakes, Becki for help with take down, my mom for helping with set up and registration and of course everyone for coming and your continued support of Mommy Connections

Here is a list of the lucky door prize winner.

Canada Day Event Door Prize Winners:


$25 Simply Babywearing Gift Certificate

Winner: Sarah Phurailatpam


5 Fitness Classes at Pave Fitness Winner: Morgan Gordon


Apple Cheeks 150 Swim Diaper, Summer hat, sunscreen and bug spray from Ready Set Baby

Winner: Mary Ellen Walker


Free In home Sleep Clinic with SleepWell Baby 


Winner: Abbie Wiercinski


Please email us at jennie@mommyconnections.ca to claim!

All prizes must be claimed within 72 hours before we redraw (July 8th at 2 pm)

I Love Being A Mom – Mommy Blogger


My name is Erin McCrea. I’m a Momma, a pet Momma, and a writer. I had my first baby at age 35 in May of 2016. Becoming a mom was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, and I have loved every moment of it. I blog at  http://erinisawriter.blogspot.ca/, but haven’t done a lot since Anthony arrived. It’s my goal to be a consistent Writing Mom by the time his birthday arrives. I’m shy, caring, weird, bossy, and I try to be happy every day. My baby helps with that.


I have an Instagram account that’s open for all to see. I had it set to private, but after a lot of back and forth with myself, I decided to make it public. I wanted to share my writing life, as well as my Mom life. Lately, there’s a lot more of the Mom life than the writing life. I wanted to share with others my struggles in hopes of finding a mom community of sorts, and also to ask for advice. I like the idea of being able to share the fact that it hasn’t been a good day, or to share the fact that it has been a good day, and know that somebody else might understand.

I share too much, but I’m not going to apologize for that.

Lately, even when I share photos about a bad day, it’s okay because even the bad days have great moments. I’m grateful for it all.

I wasn’t sure what life would be like as a momma. I’ve said this many times, but I didn’t know if I’d love it, or if I’d be any good at it, and before I became a Mom, I definitely didn’t see myself becoming a stay at home mom.  But here I am.

I feel like I complain too much – on social media, and in real life. I try to make the complaints funny, but it doesn’t always work. Being a Mom (or a parent) is hard. (Life is hard at times whether you’re a parent or not, being a grown up is tough as hell).

Some days being a Mom is frustrating. And in my case, I do some of it on my own while my partner works away from home. That’s hard too. Although I’m never (NEVER) alone, it’s a lonely job.

That being said, even though I feel down at times, I absolutely love being a Mom. I hope I can share that in my Instagram posts (and blog posts). I want people to know it’s not always easy, I also want them to know how absolutely grateful I am to be Anthony’s Momma. Even in the worst moments of motherhood, I can take a breath and get some perspective.

With that in mind, here are a few of the things I love the most about this life I never imagined for myself:

How absolutely adorable my baby (toddler) is. Of course, looks aren’t everything. But he’s so darn cute.

How much I LOVE watching him learn. Right now, it’s watching him learn words, and actions, and watching him take his first steps without him really noticing he’s doing it.

His laugh. Oh my gosh, I love his laugh. I’d like to bottle it up and keep it forever.

Watching my dog (the first baby) and my son interact. Anthony LOVES Drogo the dog. The dog loves him too, but is learning a lot about patience. Watching them play is one of my favourite things.

Seeing him discover new things.

I love how much I love him. Sounds strange, but I often stop what I’m doing and just smile because I’m so lucky, and so in love.

The cuddles. I get a little less than I used to because he’s so busy, but when I get them, I’m happy. 

I love listening to him chatter to himself in the mornings in his crib, or when he’s in his car seat.

The fact that I am his favourite person. That may sound selfish, but I’m his Mom, and he knows I’m his person. I won’t always be the favourite, but I’ll always be his person.

There are so many other things, but I’ll stop the gushing now. To make a long post shorter, the point is: I’m so happy and so in love with my little boy. Mom-ing is not always easy, but loving him is the easiest thing I’ve ever had to do.

For now, I plan to enjoy all of the good moments, and the happy times as much as possible.