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Becoming a mom is an amazing feeling. But it can also be hard. And sometimes lonely. What I discovered quickly when my son was born, is that having a village of support makes all the difference.

Through Mommy Connections, it’s my mission to connect new moms with one another as well as awesome local resources so you can make the most of this season of life!

I’m Karen Davey, the President & CEO of Mommy Connections, and the long-time Director of our West Toronto location. Through our chapters from coast-to-coast, we run classes for parents and their little ones at various stages:

  •      Mom and Baby (for newborns to 18 months)
  •      Mom and Tot (for 1.5 to 4), and
  •      Mom-to-be classes for those who want to be prepared and make the very most of their upcoming mat leave

My story

When I was home with my newborn, I met and became close with a group of other new moms. With them, parenting was more fun, less overwhelming, and the opposite of lonely. We still get together all these years later, and many have become lifelong friends.

Meeting those women at that time in my life was a game-changer. I felt called to help other new moms find their support systems – so, in 2010, I left my corporate job in the marketing field and started Mommy Connections West Toronto. It was the first chapter outside of Alberta and, over the years, I grew it into one of the biggest and most engaged groups in Canada.

Along with the chapter, my love and passion for this organization and its mission grew, too. So, when the opportunity to take over the whole organization presented itself in 2018, I jumped at it.

My marketing experience is proving invaluable as I lead this company – but I believe the secret ingredient to my success is the eight years of ‘facetime’ I’ve spent with local moms. I’ve led hundreds (and hundreds!) of sessions and sat with thousands of moms (like you!). I understand the challenges of new motherhood, what you need, and how build community and connection. I have big plans for this organization and look forward to expanding its reach and impact over the years to come.  

If you’re interested in joining one of our programs, we’d love to have you! Check out our list of Mommy Connections locations.  If you’re a brand interested in partnering wit



Karen; Mommy Connections President

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We offer Mom to Be, Mom & Baby and Mom & Tot Programs in 22+ locations across Canada.

Leading experts prepare and inform the pre natal mom for pregnancy, delivery and beyond in a fun and social setting.

Engaging new moms and babies through an interactive and educational weekly program.

A uniquely structured weekly program offers a place for both moms and toddlers to play, learn and develop.

The program now includes more than 26 chapters across Canada