Sponsor Testimonials

Mommy Connections has done a fabulous job filling a void in the postnatal community! As someone who suffered from post partum depression I know first hand how vital it is for new moms to connect with each other and services in their community to help guide and support them through motherhood. I wish Mommy Connections had been around when my girls were babies as I definitely would have benefited.

As a presenter at Mommy Connections I have been able to showcase my own postnatal dance and development programs to my target audience. I don’t ever doubt if my ad or brochure will be spotted by the moms I am targeting, wasting my advertising budget. At Mommy Connections I get to tell and show the moms first hand what makes my programs unique and create a relationship with them. Ever session I present I have dozens of Mommy Connections participants sign up for my programs as a result of these presentations! I am excited to continue to work with Mommy Connections and the great work they are doing for the postnatal population in Canada!

~ Jessica Baudin-Griffin; J’Adore Dance

Mommy Connections offers a really unique marketing and advertising concept by allowing us to get our toys and products directly into the hands of moms. We provide bundles of toys and baby products for each of their mom to be, mom & baby and mom & tot classes so the moms can really see how useful they are and how babies and toddlers respond and develop through play. Our products & brands are promoted virally through the 25+ blogs, Twitter accounts, fanpages and regional newsletters, giving us excellent coverage across Canada. Creating a partnership with Mommy Connections is so much more interactive than standard web and print advertising. We definitely feel like we are connecting with our precise target demographic and have been very pleased with the partnership.

~ Mattel

Mommy Connections has been instrumental in helping Life Science Nutritionals get our healthy message out to moms by providing a great platform to advertise our IronKids & Adult Essentials Gummy Vitamins as well as the opportunity for us to share our family health articles . The president is not only dedicated to bringing moms the latest and greatest in products and helpful information on raising families, she also creates a personal relationship with the Brands and companies she works with so you know Mommy Connections is sharing information moms can trust.

~ Life Style Nutritionals