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Mommy Testimonials

“Mommy Connections West Toronto is a fantastic way to meet other new moms in the neighbourhood and to share baby wisdom. Karen has organized an amazing schedule of information sessions and fun activities to do with our babies each week. The presenters are from local businesses and the sessions are a great way to get to know resources in the area. The neighbourhood connection is key – and this is what makes this class so much better than other postnatal classes!”

“I have really enjoyed Mommy Connections. So much so that I signed up for a second go round. There is a lot of great information presented, resources I didn’t even know were available. And meeting other mums and babies in my neighbourhood has been fantastic. I would recommend this to any new mum.”

“This class has been fantastic! The baby & mom pilates, baby sign language, baby/infant cpr and choking to name a few activities have been great! I have participated in other ‘new mom groups’ but none have been as enjoyable as this one!”

“Joining Mommy Connections was one of the best things I have done since having my daughter. Not only did it give me the opportunity to meet other mommies in the neighborhood, I learned a lot from guest speakers who were very knowledgeable in their field. I would definitely recommend it to new mommies!”

“A great program for meeting local moms and just getting out of the house and trying all the activities for mom’s and babies in the city.”

“It is a great place to meet to new mothers, share our experiences and learn from each other. There are also weekly presenters from the area on different services available (i.e, sign language, sleep training, photography, homeopathic medicine, etc).”

“Great place to get advice on being a new mummy and great way to meet other new mummies in the area!!”

“Mommy Connections West Toronto is a wonderful way to meet other Moms in the neighbourhood! It has given me the opportunity to not only connect with some truly amazing women around me, essentially my neighbours, but also to learn about different topics that are so relevant to being a new mom, to get to know businesses and entrepreneurs in the neighbourhood that I didn’t know existed (Puh-Nash) or hadn’t ventured into (Sweet Flour)! Outside of the Mommy Connections weekly session I have participated in some events that have been set up on the MeetUp site and I can`t say enough good things about my experiences at these events! Karen has truly done a wonderful job in making Mommy Connections West Toronto the all around BEST group for Mom`s in our neighbourhood!! It’s social, informative and FUN – it has truly been a highlight of my Mat Leave!!”

“I joined Mommy Connections when my son was almost 2 months old.  I wanted to get out and meet other new moms in my neighbourhood. Through Mommy Connections I was able to do that and more.  Not only did I meet a fantastic group of moms and their babies but I learned about numerous other baby related ‘things’ to do with my son from the various presenters. The exposure to other activities (singing, sign language, working outwith baby, massage, etc.) was excellent in helping me determine what else I would sign up for, i.e. it was a great introduction before actually committing to something.  In addition, once Mommy Connections ended the moms stayed in touch through emails and regular get togethers (play dates with baby and moms nights out), which I enjoy very much as it makes being a new mom on maternity leave much more fun!” – New Mommy

“Mommy Connections West is GREAT!! Karen the program is fantastic and it was such a great opportunity to connect with new moms in the area.  You did such a great job and our group is still continuing on.  Good luck in Oakville!  I would 100% recommend this program to anyone who has a new baby, it really does give you a bit of sanity! a great opportunity to connect with new mom’s in the area. You did such a great job our group is continuing on. Good Luck in Oaklville!! I would 100% recommend this program to anyone with a new baby, it really does give you a bit of sanity.” – Mommy in Toronto

“I looked forward to Mommy Connections every week. I enjoyed meeting other moms and babies. Before Mommy Connections, I didn’t know other moms in the area and know I have a group that is going to continue to get together. This has made my maternity leave even more enjoyable (and bearable). I learned quite a bit in many of the sessions, especially about introducing first foods, baby proofing and infant choking and CPR. I feel more aware of these topics. The fitness sessions were a great way to get some activity and bond with baby. Thanks for starting this group!” – Mommy in Toronto

I have completed two sessions of the Mommy Connections West Toronto Program and would recommend it to any Mommy looking to get out of the house and enjoy meeting other Mommys as well as absorbing the many resources presented not to mention working off those pregnancy pounds! Sandra

I wanted to say again how utterly impressed I am with your success and progress with Mommy Connections.  Everything you do is so well put together, so professional.  Obviously, the community needs exactly what you are offering because they are just eating it up!  I’m so proud of you and excited for you! – Mommy of 6 month old baby boy

We are new to the city and have met so many great families through your program.  Without you, I wouldn’t know about J’Adore Dance, FITMOM or Music Together!  All fantastic programs that are close to home and good for mom and baby.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for connecting me!   Mommy of 2 month old baby girl

I can see all that went into organizing the program. You did a great job! I thought all the touches, with the coffee and cupcakes, the professional photos and swag bags were all very nice.  You don’t get anything with the provincial program but lots of handouts!  – Mommy of 7 month old baby girl

I LOVE what you are doing and wish you were around when I was a new mom. You are really doing some outstanding things … stayed home for 5 years and would have really benefitted from your programs. – Friend of a Mommy that was registered in the January Program

Thanks for everything yesterday- I think things went really well!  Thanks for putting the Mommy Connections group together.  I am newer to Edmonton so it’s a great way for me to meet some people in the same position as I am.  I am hoping to find out some information on Daycares/Dayhomes for next summer. – Mommy of 6 month old baby girl after the first session in January

I thought the first session was great!  I couldn’t believe there were so many moms – and everyone seemed really friendly so it was great to meet a few of them.  Thanks for organizing this – it’s a great idea! – Mommy of 7 week old baby boy

I loved the chance to have a photo taken today! It looks like it will be a good class. Mommy of 5 month old baby boy following the first session in January

Wonderful forum for mom (and babies!) to socialize, share advice and stories; everyone is super friendly.  The demonstrations and guest speakers are great fun and very informative.  Very well organized! Toronto Mom

I just wanted to say thank you for creating this program.  I appreciate all the work you’ve put into this New Mom’s Group as I didn’t hear of any Mom’s Program through the hospital or health clinic until my daughter’s 4th month vaccination which at that point I was already registered for yours (thankfully).  I enjoyed yesterday’s speaker [Andrea Page from FITMOM] and am happy that she “kept it real.”  She has a great story and is an inspiration to all moms regardless of age, status or ethnicity.  Mommy of 5 month old baby girl

I thought it was a great morning – my only regret was not being able to stay and chat with the other Mommys (next week I won’t be double booked! 🙂  I am really looking forward to the next session and wanted to let you know that I I think the sessions are packed with great, relevant speakers!  I was so excited to see all of the Mom’s and babies – there are so many awesome new Moms out there! – Mommy of 6 month old baby boy

Today was a wonderful start to an obviously much needed program!  Well Done!  You have inspired me to look into ways that I might be able to use my expertise in new and exciting ways so that I might spend more time with my little one – thanks! – Mommy of 3 month old baby boy

Today met and exceeded my expectations.  I think the opportunity to come together as a community with shared experiences is important.  I also realized that as much as I think I don’t know about being a mom, I also have a lot to offer in terms of listening and supporting others, and in fact I do know a thing or two that I can share.   On a personal note, I have been reflecting on today and realized that I want my time on maternity leave to be an opportunity for personal growth, rather than just a series of play dates, poopy diapers and sleepless nights.  And I drew a lot of that inspiration from Andrea [Page; FITMOM], yourself (for taking the initiative to start Mommy Connections) the cupcake lady, and all the other vendors that were highlighted today. – Mommy of 5 month old baby boy

I really enjoyed chatting with the other mom’s today and look forward to continuing to build lasting connections!! Thank you for making this opportunity available to us!! – Mommy of 3 week old baby boy following the first session

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