Beauty and the beast – Jakks Pacific [Review Part 1]

Let me start by saying this.. this mama is a huge fan of Disney’s fairytales. My all time favourites are bambi, the little mermaid and beauty and the beast. As a little girl I could never get enough of the movies, toys, and books. Now that I am a mother of a 3 year old daughter, I live these memories and fairytales through my daughters eyes. Like me, she loves anything Disney.

Needless to say when I recieved our Beauty and the Beast package from Jakks Pacific I was beyond excited! Confession; I secretly wished the dress was in my size. I can’t be the only one? ha ha !

I decided to do two reviews for this one, one from mommy and one from my daughter when she opens them on Christmas morning. The three items will be waiting for her under the Christmas tree from Santa since Beauty and the Beast was on her wish list that she sent him a few weeks ago. (Jakks, thank you for making her wish come true).

Lets start with the beautiful Belle ballroom gown.

How gorgeous is this dress? Absolutely adorable! The best part of this dress is, not only is it adorable but it also fits the image that we all have in our heads of Belle’s ball gown perfectly. It is puffy, sparkly, and the material speaks quality. It comes in size 4-6x.

The Enchanted Rose jewelry box.

This beautiful jewelry box plays the iconic beauty and the beast song and when you pull the little drawer to watch the rose bloom it also lights up. To top it off, it comes with a collectible gold feather ring.

The ballroom Belle doll.

This adorable movie inspired doll is approximately 14 tall, dressed in the beautiful ballroom gown that is also available in your child’s size (4-6x). She also comes with the iconic tree of life necklace and gold shoes.


Overall I am super impressed with these three Disney theme items from Jakks Pacific. I am super excited for my daughter to open these up on Christmas morning and share our second review with you.

You can find these gems at Toys R us, online or in-store.

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