First Day of Awesome Featuring My Funkins

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First Day of Awesome featuring

Funkins are bright, reusable fun cloth napkins made especially for kids. They are ideal for lunch boxes and perfect for meal and snack time at home and on the go!
Funkins can be used as both a napkin and a placemat, brightening the table and making clean up easier. They also provide a great protective barrier for public eating surfaces. Keep a few in the car for wipes and spills!
Funkins are 13”x15”, double-sided patterns made from high quality 100% cotton fabric. Funkins are made only with high quality fabrics that are CPSIA Compliant, and are Lead and Phthalate free.
Funkins make great gifts, especially for the holiday season!  Shop our entire collection at

Answer the Funkins Question of the Day & Win a $50 Set of My Funkins of your choice!

Question – Visit the My Funkins Website and tell us what your top 3 favorite patterrns are in the blog comments section below!

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Happy Holidays from the Mommy Connections Team!

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  1. So hard to choose; they’re all awesome! I’d love to have Icy Blue Penguins, Backyard Buddies and Pet Park.

  2. My favorite funkins patterns are can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread girl, backyard buddies, and pick a bunch! Although they are all very cute!

  3. My three favourite pattern sets are: oodles of zoodles, backyard buddies, and dots. I love this concept.

  4. I love the Backyard Buddies, Icy Blue Penguins, and the Robot Factory

  5. my favorites are backyard buddies, mmm… licorice, and oodles of zoodles.

  6. All so cute. My fav: A pirates life for me burgundy, Reptidylyicious ladybugs, Reptidylyicious turtles

  7. Heart Garden and Strawberries!

  8. loving: sports fun, robot factory, animal factory!!

  9. Can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread girl, Rachel’s Rainbow and Royal Fun

  10. I love them all but I would pick the pirates, the gingerbread girl and the robot factory !!

  11. My favorites are: Animal crackers, sports fans, and oodles of zoodles

  12. All soo cute, but I like Blue Home for the Holidays, Pirates Life Silver, Odles of Zoodles Monkeys

  13. Wowza! My little one would love the Pet Parade! She’d feel like she wish dining with animals!

  14. Oodles of Doodles, Dots & Pet Park

  15. Frosty friends, mmm licorice Black and white flowers and Oodles of zoodles monkeys

  16. My favorite Funkins are: animal crackers, pet park and ready, set go!

  17. can’t catch me im the gingerbread man, polar bear express, jingle bells

  18. I love all the festive styles! Icy Blue Penguins, Can’t Catch me I’m the Gingerbread Girl and Frosty’s Friends:)

  19. They’re all great, but my favourites are Pink Celebration, Backyard Buddies Cats and Tickled Pink Penguins.

  20. I love the “dots“: “mmm…licorice“ and the “oodles of zoodles“: paterns 🙂

  21. Robot factory, blast off, silent night. Very cool product!

  22. These are so cute! I like the Jingle Bells, Pet Park for girls and Mmmm Licorice!

  23. Too many cute ones to choose from!! Bermuda Lily for my girl, Pet Park for my boy and Christmas for all of us!

  24. I like the Animal Crackers, Pet Park and Ready Set Go!

  25. animal crackers monkeys, ready set go trains, ready set go cars.

  26. Animal crackers, pet park, and ready set go! So fun!

  27. I love Reptidylyicious Ladybugs, Green Techno and Earth Bots. Well I think my son would. All of his favorite things. Looks like an awsome product. 😉

  28. I love Pet Park, Reptidylycious and Royal Fun!!

  29. Tough to pick only three. My favorites are Animal Crackers Whales, Heart Garden and Icy Blue Penguin.

  30. I would say the Holiday series, they are all cute, even for the summer months!

  31. ♪These are a few of my favorite things♪: Ready, Set, Go! Trains; Ready, Set, Go! Cars; A Pirate’s Life for Me Silver

  32. I love pet park, oodles of zoodles and ready set go! They are all so adorable it was hard to pick just three!!

  33. My favorites are animal crackers monkeys, blast off black, and ready set go cars. There are lots of cute patterns!

  34. My favs are oodles of zoodles, backyard buddies and icy blue penguins!

    • Congratulations Kelly! You are the My Funkins Winner! Please email your top 5 Funkins to and we will get your prize delivered to you.
      There are still more than 29 prizes to be won! Don’t forget about the facebook party on Dec 7 and the twitter party on Dec 14!

  35. Ok, they’re all absolutely adorable but Animal Crackers is my favourite!! LOVE!

  36. My favorite 3 Funkins patterns are–> Save the World, Animal Crackers, and Reptidylyicious! 🙂

  37. My favs are Bermuda Lily, Lots if Fun Funkins and Oodles of Zoodles. The colors are so great. Bright and vibrant.

  38. Have a Hoot Owls, Vive La France and Can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread girl are my favourites!

  39. Pet park this little piggie…
    Oodles of doodles monkey
    Frosty’s friends

  40. My favorite patterns are Animal Crackers, Ready Set Go and Robot Factory!

  41. Super cute! My faves are: gingerbread girl, pet park and dots!

  42. I Like Mmmm Licorice, Backyard Buddies and Ready Set Go! These are a cool idea! 🙂

  43. I really like the oodles of zoodles, pet park and royal fun 🙂

  44. park, dots and oodles of zoodles. They are all great!

  45. I like Here Chickie Blue, Animal Crackers Dinos and Moo Cows Brown.. they are all so cute!

  46. Can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread girl, Icy Blue Penguins and then a toss up between turtles and ladybugs. Smart innovative product!

  47. So many cute ones, but I think my son’s favorites (and therefore my favorites) would be Animal Crackers, Blast Off and Robot Factory.

  48. Hard decision! Have a hoot owls, zoodle monkeys, and giddyup horsies…. Super cute!

  49. Animal crackers, Robot factory, Pet park are all nice.

  50. Pet Park, Animal Crackers and Oodles of Zoodles are my favorites. 🙂

  51. I’ve never heard of these before. Too cute! Penguins, Monkeys and Whales for me!

  52. I love Pet Park, Ready, Set, GO! and Animals Crackers for my son!

  53. Love Pick a Bunch, Animal Crackers, and Pet Park!

  54. Very cute!! I like Pet Park, Icy Blue Penguins and Animal Crackers!

  55. i love the icy blue penguin,bermuda lily, an doodles and zoodles

  56. I like Blast Off, Robot Factory, and Mmmm…. Licorice best! What a great idea for kids 🙂

  57. chocolate dots, ladybugs, this little piggie

  58. They are all so cute but my favorites are Animal Crackers Monkey, Have a hoot owls and tickled pink penguins!

  59. Icy Blue Penguins, Blast Off & Robot Factory are cool!

  60. They are very cute by my favorite three are Robot Factory, Red,Set, GO! and Animal Crackers for my little boy.

  61. OooOo I liked “Ready, set, go” because my son LOVES cars…Robot factory and save the world.

  62. So cute!

    Can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread girl
    Frostys friends
    Pink candy canes

  63. I have to say my faves are Icy blue penguins, and i really like the ready set go – boys set! : )

  64. Congratulations Kelly! You are the My Funkins Winner! Please email your top 5 Funkins to and we will get your prize delivered to you.
    There are still more than 29 prizes to be won! Don’t forget about the facebook party on Dec 7 and the twitter party on Dec 14!

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