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Helmet Fit Safety Check

Jul 7 2017     /     , , , , ,

Our friends at Pedalheads® love seeing all the fun and colourful helmets and bikes that children arrive at their camps and classes with. However, a helmet and bike that fit properly are most important to ensure biking success and enjoyment. They estimate at least 50% of kids who are sent to camp do not have […]

Review: Brica Stroller Canopy

Jul 6 2017     /     , , , ,

We live in Toronto and therefore spend a lot of time walking around our neighbourhood and we also (like most Canadians) live for the summer. As much as we love the summer, we know how important it is to protect ourselves, and our daughter, Avery, from the sun with SPF but for extra coverage and […]

Essential Clothing Tips To Keep Baby Cool in the Summer Heat

Jun 28 2017     /     , , , ,

Summer heat is generally something we all love. After the cold and bleak winter, a bit of sunshine is just the right medicine to help us feel good. But too much heat can also have its bad consequences, especially for young children.   Clothing plays a major role in protecting children from the summer heat […]

Toronto Springfree Influencer Event

Jun 13 2017     /     , , , , , ,

We had our first VIP Influencer event celebrating summer with our friends at Springfree Trampoline in their Markham, Ontario location on June 9. It was such a great day with over 50 people jumping and having fun!  One of our influencers, Michelle Ferreri posted a great Facebook Live video from the event; check it out! We had […]

Review: Springfree Trampoline 11 Foot Square Large Trampoline with Gaming Accessory!

Oct 11 2016     /     , , , , ,

Christmas is just a few months away.  If you have kids, buying more toys and “things” are just going to clutter your home in the New Year.  Give your entire family an active gift this year that can be enjoyed 365 days a year; rain or shine and even snow!  This is something that moms, […]

Review: Irish Fairy Door Company

Aug 29 2016     /     , ,

We were sent an Irish Fairy Door and I honestly wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  My daughter is 7 (going on 17!) and while she is still a fierce believer in Santa and the Tooth Fairy, I wasn’t sure if a simple wooden Fairy Door would really be enough to capture her attention. She […]

Fun and Cheap Eco Ideas to Turn Your Backyard into an Ultimate Playground

Jun 16 2016     /     , ,

We live in the age of technology, and it’s no secret that kids are fascinated with iPads, TV screens and video games. Most parents think that children today are spending less time outdoors than children did in their generation, however, the statistics may still shock you. A survey conducted by Edelman Berlandt (the research was […]

Versa Hoop Review

Jun 1 2016     /     , , ,

We love reviewing sports toys that can get the whole family active and having fun together.  The Versa Hoop is perfect for young families.  The ball is nice and small and the Versa Hoop can be mounted lower for younger players.  The classic children’s basketball hoop generally needs to stay in one spot since you […]

10 Tips for Keeping Bugs Away from Your Picnic Lunch

Jul 16 2013     /     , , , ,

Guest Post by: Part-Time-Nanny As the weather warms up and the days get longer, the idea of al fresco dining becomes more and more appealing. When those pleasant daydreams become a reality, nothing foils the pretty picture as quickly as an infestation of insects. These ten tips can help you enjoy a fun-filled day of […]

12 Tips for Keeping the Backyard Safe This Spring

May 21 2013     /     , , ,

Guest post: With the warm weather comes the overwhelming desire to get outside and into the sunshine. Before you tear the kids away from their televisions and video games and urge them out into the fresh air, though, you’ll want to make sure that the backyard is the safe haven for fun and games that […]