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How to have a fitness routine with a baby

Jul 18 2017     /     ,

Written by: Sophia Nguyen It’s absolutely astonishing just how much time a new baby can take up! Although it only drinks, sleeps and cries, taking care of a newborn is a full-time job, one that usually falls on the mother. For the exhausted new mother, everything else takes a back seat to looking after her […]

Brica Are We There Yet Travel Tray with Snack Catcher Cup

Jul 13 2017     /     , ,

It is very difficult to keep kids entertained in a car during long road trips. They cannot sit quietly for a second unless have something interesting to do. You can find various tips and advice how to keep kids busy during those long trips online, especially during summer time. The weather is warmer, kids are […]

Preparing for a Family Vacation Means Consideration for All

Jul 4 2017     /     ,

Written by: Jenny Daniels If financially able, no family ought to go a full year without taking a vacation somewhere. Even if it’s just a few hours away, it’s great to break from home for a week or so to experience someplace new and refreshing. Of course, there’s the planning aspect, which if bringing multiple […]

Review: “Feelosophy of Birth”, A Journal for Pregnancy, by Brooke Martin.

Jun 27 2017     /     ,

Feelosophy of Birth is a pregnancy journal that helps guide and focus expecting mothers through the intricate web of feelings and emotions during each trimester, along with spiritual and practical passages from choosing your “Birth Tribe”, to nourishing your body, mind and baby through health, thought, breath and yoga. Feelosophy begins with a helpful “how […]

How to Talk to Your Child about College

Jun 26 2017     /     ,

Written by: @GabDiesendorf Pre-college is a tough period for a child as well as the parents. It’s a time of important decisions and forming an attitude. Watching your child go through the process of choosing whether or not to go to college and which college to pick can be a very painful experience for a parent. […]

Easy Tricks to Prepare Kids’ Birthday Party

Jun 26 2017     /     ,

Written by: @GabDiesendorf Every parent wants to make their child’s birthday a truly special occasion. And every kid in the world looks forward to that special day that is entirely dedicated to them. This is the day they’re probably eagerly awaiting during the whole year, so it really needs to be fun and exciting. Planning a […]

When to Lower the Crib Mattress

Jun 26 2017     /     ,

I searched the internet far and wide for scholarly articles and studies about when is the appropriate time to lower the mattress in your baby’s crib. As we all know, babies go through stages of growth and maturity and we need to roll with the changes. There is a great deal of literature on cleaning […]

Review: Baby Gourmet

Jun 26 2017     /     , ,

Introducing foods to my baby has been fun and exciting! So far (knock on wood) he’s loved everything I’ve introduced him to and luckily, he doesn’t seem to have any allergies either. I try whenever possible to make his food from scratch; this way I know exactly what’s going into it and I can figure […]

Rainy Days and Holidays: User-Friendly Apps for Making the Most of Your Child’s School Vacations

Jun 14 2017     /     ,

Written by: Georgie Horton When it’s school vacation time, rainy days can be a frustration for parents as well as kids. It’s always a good idea to know what to expect from the weather, so you can prepare some fun indoor activities for those rainy days. Here are some useful apps that can help you […]

Get a better sleep with Pampers!

Jun 8 2017     /     , , ,

At Mommy Connections, we love working with Pampers because they are always improving their products and listening to Mom’s & Dad’s.  Mommy Connections was recently invited to an amazing Baby Dry launch party a few weeks ago in Toronto and it was clear that Pampers truly does want to create the very best product.  An […]