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The Negative Effects of Video Games on Our Children

Mar 27 2017     /     ,

Written by: Katica Maric With global sales of video games reaching $91 billion dollars in 2016, it’s safe to say that the virtual world is here to stay. Like it or not, video games have captured the imaginations of folks both young and old from all corners of the globe. But their appeal is even […]

Naptime or Nighttime: Top Tips for Wound Up Moms Who Want to Relax

Mar 27 2017     /     ,

  Let’s face it: moms can get stressed out. Between work and caring for the kids, moms can do as much in a day as other do in three. It can leave any mom feeling so exhausted, even early on in the evening, that you may want to take a nap or just call it […]

Tummy Time Tips

Mar 22 2017     /     ,

Written by: Dr. Wendy Coburn West Edmonton Family Chiropractic Studio Think about tummy time differently. Tummy time is not “exercise time.” It’s merely an opportunity for baby to get to know his front side. In that regard, no need to try to encourage him to pick up his head, unless of course he is inclined […]

Physical Traumas To Our Kids

Mar 22 2017     /     ,

Written by: Dr. Wendy Coburn West Edmonton Family Chiropractic Studio Physical, Mental/Emotional, and Toxins Influence our Children’s Development – their Epigenetics.  Below are some examples of Physical Traumas where Chiropractic should be sought out for help Physical trauma to the spine and the result of back pain caused by heavy backpacks has been receiving national […]

5 Key Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Mar 22 2017     /     ,

Written by: @GabDiesendorf It is a well-known truth that children learn from the very beginning. First they learn the basics, like recognizing people and places, and then they move on to acquiring the language, expanding their vocabulary, learning basic math, and many other things, depending on their individual interests and abilities. There is a clash of […]

Review: Boiron Coryzalia

Mar 20 2017     /     , ,

As part of the Mommy Connection #momsquad, I was invited to try Boiron’s Coryzalia the next time my toddler had a cold. I had used their Camilia in the past for teething and quite liked their product. I like that it is a homeopathic remedy that I can use in-between doses of Advil (if necessary) […]

Make a Ladybug Storyboard!

Mar 20 2017     /     ,

Written by: Seisha Lock Does it bug you that math isn’t more fun? Teachers have been using flannel boards for years to make stories sing. Now, you can make your own version of the flannel board, and help bring math to life! This project will give your child hands-on practice with addition and subtraction in a […]

Teaching kids to eat healthy without losing your mind

Mar 20 2017     /     ,

Written by: Theresa Brawner Parents often have a problem with picky kids, who agree to eat only their favorite food, but it definitely isn’t always the healthy one. There are numerous ways to make children happy and willing to eat food that provides all the materials necessary for proper growth and development. These tips will help […]

Review: Ombrelle Sunscreen

Mar 17 2017     /     ,

Ombrelle from Garnier was launched in 1990 with the assistance of Canadian dermatologists. Ombrelle has since dedicated itself to offer state-of-the-art sun care technologies in Canada. Discover Ombrelle’s non-greasy and fast absorbing sun care formulas that provide broad spectrum photostable protection against UVA and UVB rays. Ombrelle sunscreen feature’s its patented Mexoryl technology and the […]

Join the Mommy Connections Dream Team

Mar 8 2017     /     ,

Mommy Connections is expanding! With over 25 locations across Canada, Mommy Connections is the leading provider of programming for new moms in Canada. We are currently seeking well-connected, driven women who are interested in owning and operating their own Mommy Connections location in a number of cities and provinces across Canada. What is Mommy Connections? In late […]