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These Toddler Snacks Are Great for Road Tripping This Spring

Apr 11 2018     /     , , , ,

On the road with your toddler this spring? You need to pack for distraction — hours of it. Books, videos, toys and games abound. Then, there are the snacks. While you can deal with the kids projectile-launching food at home relatively easily, your hands and senses will be dutifully occupied on the road. You need […]

Meet some local Pedalheads Managers

Apr 11 2018     /     ,

Get to Know Cienna Lavery in Calgary! 1. Where did you grow up and what college/university did you graduate from? I was born and raised right here in Calgary, Alberta. I am graduating this April from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Health Science Honours from the Faculty of Medicine. 2. What do […]

Does My Toddler Need Nutritional Supplements?

Mar 17 2018     /     , , , ,

I am often asked this question and have wondered it myself considering the fact that I have a two-and-a-half-year-old boy who, for the most part, is a stellar eater but tends to be sporadic with his food intake as most toddlers are. Should I be supplementing my son’s diet with a daily multivitamin? What about […]

How to Find The Best Deals For Vacations

Mar 17 2018     /     , ,

Vacations are a blessing as they help families come together, spend quality time and get some time away from work and studies. However, it’s not piece of cake to arrange vacation trips as it takes a lot of planning and effort. Thankfully, a lot of companies and agents offer vacation deals for families to enjoy. […]

Spring into a new beauty routine

Mar 15 2018     /     , , , , ,

A change of season is the perfect time to introduce new beauty products into your routine. Try one of these new beauty essentials from Shoppers Drug Mart – affordable options for busy moms, whether you are travelling or at home.   Try a micellar cleanser Micellar water makes cleansing your face quick and easy. It gently […]

Managing a Career Through Maternity Leave is Mom’s Problem Too

Mar 6 2018     /     ,

I totally believe that employers have responsibilities when it comes to managing employee maternity leaves.  I also think that a good employer will manage employee maternity leave beyond legislated requirements.  Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to find these employers.  They’re kind of like unicorns.  They’ve got to be real, right? Sure, moms taking maternity leave have […]

Parenting Trends of the Millennial Mom

Mar 3 2018     /     ,

It’s unique being a parent at this day and age. Millennial parents have to deal with amazing advances on information and technology. Social media alone has had such a profound impact on our society mothers in this new millennium are facing struggles and challenges that have no precedent. That’s fine though, mothers can handle any […]

Different Types of Ultrasound Exams During Pregnancy

Mar 2 2018     /     , , , ,

You may know sonograms are special ultrasound procedures which use sound waves to assess your baby’s body structures, or that these procedures emit zero radiation and are typically non-invasive. However, did you know that there are many different types of sonograms used to monitor your baby’s development during pregnancy? Hopefully, after reading this blog you […]

Before you leave for your vacation …

Mar 2 2018     /     , , , , ,

Your kids are so excited they can’t sleep. The bags are packed, the hotels are booked and you’re checked in for your flights.  You want to make this family vacation as stress-free as possible—so you’ve made a list and checked it twice. But is purchasing emergency medical travel coverage on that list? While thinking about […]

Does your family have health and dental benefits?

Mar 2 2018     /     , , , , ,

While most Canadian’s receive basic coverage for doctors and hospitals through our publicly –funded, national and provincial health care systems, you may still have to pay out-of-pocket for some services. This is why benefits providers, such as Alberta Blue Cross, offer employer-sponsored group and individual and family benefit coverage plans. Why do you need health […]