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Review: Diono Monterey XT booster seat

Aug 7 2017     /     , , ,

Overprotective in all the right ways, the Monterey XT is a full-featured, expandable high-back booster seat designed to fit growing children 40lb to 120lb. The adjustable head rest and deep, aluminum reinforced sides are lined with energy absorbing EPS foam for side impact protection and the long seat bottom provides extra leg support. A simple-to-use […]

Review: Diono Monterey High Back Booster

Sep 13 2016     /     , ,

We love working with Diono Canada.  Their products are second to none and their safety ratings are amazing, which is what all parents are looking for when it comes to purchasing a car seat.  Diono actually has a really interesting history.  The first product resulted from a family discussion following a documentary which demonstrated the consequences […]

Tips for Travelling with Children

May 4 2015     /     , , , , ,

Summer holidays are approaching and here are some tips for travelling with babies and toddlers whether you are planning a week at the camp site or a plane ride to visit family. Flying? Arrive early! Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, park, check baggage, go through security, and get to your gate! This […]

The Install #DionoRainier

Oct 6 2014     /     , ,

Guilty: I previously have had all my car seats professionally installed … until I received my Diono Rainier Car Seat. I have to be honest, I can’t remember the last time I was as nervous as I was before installing this car seat. Wouldn’t you be knowing that your most precious cargo is going to […]

Why Diono Ranier is the only car seat you will need

Sep 22 2014     /     , ,

It’s pretty crazy how many car seats I have purchased in the last 4 years. Why? Because every car seat comes with a weight restriction and as the kids get older, they graduate to the next one … at least that’s what I thought! I am the type of person who does hours of research […]

Car Seat Crying

Jul 10 2012     /     , , , ,

Car Seat Crying By Elizabeth Pantley, Author of Gentle Baby Care Some babies fall asleep almost before you’re out of the driveway, but others won’t spend five happy minutes in their car seats. Usually, this is because your baby is used to more freedom of movement and more physical attention than you can provide when […]