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Help Me Sara: Should we consider spanking our child?

Sep 30 2013     /     , , , , , ,

  Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, October 2013. Parents Canada  guest post : By Sara Dimerman on September, 09 2013 My husband and I were raised by parents who spanked. When I was 11, I started hitting back. Although we know that spanking is not the ideal way to deal with difficult behaviour, we find that this […]

Kids say the craziest things!

Apr 11 2013     /     ,

If there’s one thing that children are universally good at, it’s sharing embarrassingly honest commentary in public places. From commenting on strange clothing choices to pointing out physical differences, kids often bring to light the very thing that all the adults in the room are studiously ignoring. Because young children haven’t had much time to […]

How to Use a Family Meeting as a Discipline Tool

Jan 2 2013     /     , , , , ,

Written By: Many parents think of discipline as something that is done in the moment, an action that stops a child from misbehaving, or one that doles out the consequence of past misbehavior. Of course that’s part of discipline, but another part, one that can greatly lessen the need for “in the moment” discipline, is […]

Eating Out with Kids: Restaurant Behavior

Dec 16 2012     /     , , , , , , ,

You don’t have to give up dining out, and you don’t have to skip a date night if the babysitter cancels. There are ways to teach children how to behave appropriately in a restaurant so that it is a fun evening out for everyone in the family. Children can be both excited and bored when […]