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Raising a Vegetarian: The Growing Trend – Is it Healthy for Children?

Dec 12 2013     /     , , , , , , ,

The push to go green encompasses much more than teaching children to preserve energy and respect the environment. Many households, adults and children alike have chosen to eat green as well, adopting a vegetarian lifestyle. One of the primary concerns of critics is that children, from toddlers to teens, may not receive the nutrients they […]

Who is “Puddle Organics?”

Jan 24 2012     /     , , , ,

Our goal at Puddle Organics is to provide organic wear for a reasonable price.  Our products are organic, containing fun designs for babies and kids starting at just $16 each. We have a selection of bodysuits and yoga pants for babies, as well as T-shirts for ages 2-8 years, in various designs and colors. When […]

Green Living – Especially When Living with Children

Jan 17 2012     /     , , , , ,

Hi, my name is Lise van der Vaart and I am the owner of www.naturebratz.ca – an online store specialized in organic baby and toddler clothing. I am the mother of a beautiful energetic 2-year old girl, Emma, and soon to have a 2nd child (due at the end of Feb). I am very excited […]

Change your skin, Change your life!

Dec 2 2011     /     , ,

Arbonne The products will change your skin, the business will change your life! Arbonne is a highly regarded, premium brand with a Swiss heritage. The products are healthy, botanically based and inspired by nature. The Arbonne experience starts with changing your skin, then it’s about changing your life. Since 1975, Arbonne is the name that […]

ParentsCanada Announcement!

Dec 1 2011     /     , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

~ Happy December! ~ This month we have so much to celebrate and be thankful for.  We are thrilled to announce that we are now the Community Ambassadors for ParentsCanada. What does this mean?  Basically, we will be their ear to the ground to truly connect them with their clientele – you, the parents!  We […]

Greening your Parenthood

Jan 5 2011     /     ,

Last night you got three hours sleep. Laundry piles have reached a new high and you’ve been sporting the same T-shirt/ jean combo, accessorized with baby spit-up, for weeks. Your little one has decided the grocery store is a perfect place for yet another diaper explosion. Checking out, the mom next to you gives you a sideways glance as you pack your disposable diapers and earth-unfriendly cleaners into your plastic bag. At this point, the last thing on your mind is being earth-friendly. You’ve got enough […]