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Review: Canvas Factory

Mar 12 2018     /     , , , , , ,

The first few days after your baby is born are such a whirlwind. While you’re busy adjusting to the new little life you’ve created, they’ve already begun changing and growing. That’s why having photos of your newborn taken in the first week is so important. We were so fortunate to work with Hidden Jem Photography […]

Small Decor Guide for Your Kid’s Room

Jul 16 2017     /     , ,

Today, decorating your kid’s room can be as demanding and just as much fun as decorating your own living space. Kid’s rooms are getting more and more stylish by the year, and they open up a whole new world of exciting design possibilities, no matter the size of the room and the age of the […]

Munchkin Premium Diaper Pail Review

Apr 27 2017     /     , , ,

As I write this, I am smelling a lovely Lavender scent coming from the product details from my brand new Munchkin Diaper Pail.  The bags are scented and pretty much everything that was included in the box smells wonderful.   Speaking of smells – this is exactly why I was so enthusiastic to review the […]

5 Practical and Useful Nursery Tips

Jul 30 2014     /     , ,

It’s exciting to expect a new baby, especially when it comes to decorating a nursery. There are so many cute things to buy–from little items to big furniture–that it can be easy to get carried away. The trouble with purchasing necessities for a nursery is that they cost a lot of money, and most of […]

Nursery Design 101: Must-Haves for You and Your Baby

Dec 21 2012     /     , ,

Written By: Any new mother will tell you what they wish they had for their nursery or what they wish they didn’t have. To pull off the best functioning nursery you will need a crib, rocker, changing table and lamp. But what else should you get? Here are some must-haves for your nursery room: Crib […]