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MomChat 2018

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Join us in August and November for our MomChat parties! Let’s Chat  Back To School and the Holidays Each MomChat week will run for 5 days.  The first day will be a Facebook party and the last day will be a Twitter party and each of the 5 days we will feature two of the […]

Common Tests During Pregnancy

Jun 1 2018     /     , ,

There are several common screening tests that you will undergo during your pregnancy! Some are done every time you get your blood drawn, others you can choose to discuss with your doctor. First Trimester prenatal screening tests is a combination of fetal ultrasound and maternal blood screening. This screening process can help evaluate risk of […]

Different Types of Ultrasound Exams During Pregnancy

Mar 2 2018     /     , , , ,

You may know sonograms are special ultrasound procedures which use sound waves to assess your baby’s body structures, or that these procedures emit zero radiation and are typically non-invasive. However, did you know that there are many different types of sonograms used to monitor your baby’s development during pregnancy? Hopefully, after reading this blog you […]

Ultrasounds: What to expect and why they are important

Dec 27 2017     /     , ,

Chances are, if you are reading this blog post, you or someone you know are now pregnant and expecting to start a family within the next 40 weeks. In the next 9 months, you will likely have numerous visits to your physician’s office for checkups, the grocery store for late night food cravings, and a […]

How to Handle Back Pain After Having a Baby

Nov 19 2017     /     , ,

Written by: Luke Douglas Many new moms hope that the back pain associated with carrying your lovely bundle of your in your belly will stop, or at least become less intense once the baby is born. But the accumulated stress of stretching your uterus, the pressure on your lower back, the weakened abdominal muscles and […]

The Baby Box Co Review

Jun 17 2016     /     , , , , , ,

Firstly, let me just say that this box is amazing!  It arrived in a large (2’x3′) cardboard box on our doorstep.  It is an impressive package to arrive, that is for sure.  When you take The Baby Box out of the packing, it is a beautiful white box with grey owls.  Modern and FILLED with […]

How many kids is the right number?

Dec 5 2014     /    

Today, I left my 32 week doctors appointment with my OB feeling like I had some big decisions to make – or to not make.  I am headed for a 3rd c-section (says the women who considered a home birth, hired a hypnotherapist AND a doula for one labour… how plans change!) on January 29. […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Exercising During Pregnancy  

Jun 4 2014     /     , , , ,

Written by: Jessica Drake   There is much confusion surrounding things that you can and can’t do during pregnancy, these are mostly the result of old wives tales and outdated advice. In this article I hope to outline things you should consider when planning your pregnancy workout regime. Working out during your pregnancy is advised […]

Prenatal Foam Rolling to Release Your Lower Back

Feb 25 2014     /     , , , , , , ,

Many pregnant and new moms experience low back and hip pain.  These simple release exercises using a foam roller can really help release the tension in your lower back and hips. As always be sure to discuss your workouts with your doctor and if something doesn’t feel good for your body, don’t do it! Prenatal […]

Can I Run While Pregnant?

Feb 20 2014     /     , , , , , ,

Great Question! I get this all the time & of course I’d love to say “YES” but it’s not for everyone. If it’s not for you there are plenty of other types of exercise you can do during your pregnancy to keep you fit, healthy, help you prepare for labor & of course bounce back faster […]