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Brica Are We There Yet Travel Tray with Snack Catcher Cup

Jul 13 2017     /     , ,

It is very difficult to keep kids entertained in a car during long road trips. They cannot sit quietly for a second unless have something interesting to do. You can find various tips and advice how to keep kids busy during those long trips online, especially during summer time. The weather is warmer, kids are […]

Review: Brica Shopping Cart Cover

Jul 6 2017     /     , , , ,

Avery is now big enough to sit in the grocery cart, which she thoroughly enjoys.  It is such an amazing milestone for us to shop with her sitting up in the cart, and so much easier because she is much more content.  She gets to look around and take it all in while I get […]

Kids Hair Cuts at Beaners from baby to beyond!

Jul 2 2017     /     , , ,

If you haven’t heard of Beaners, they are a Canadian owned hair salon specializing in kids hair cuts and will do tweens and adults too.  Little kids have the opportunity to sit in a fun car (Jeep, fire engine, etc) and watch a favourite movie. Older kids can sit in a more adult friendly chair […]

Review: “Feelosophy of Birth”, A Journal for Pregnancy, by Brooke Martin.

Jun 27 2017     /     ,

Feelosophy of Birth is a pregnancy journal that helps guide and focus expecting mothers through the intricate web of feelings and emotions during each trimester, along with spiritual and practical passages from choosing your “Birth Tribe”, to nourishing your body, mind and baby through health, thought, breath and yoga. Feelosophy begins with a helpful “how […]

Review: Baby Gourmet

Jun 26 2017     /     , ,

Introducing foods to my baby has been fun and exciting! So far (knock on wood) he’s loved everything I’ve introduced him to and luckily, he doesn’t seem to have any allergies either. I try whenever possible to make his food from scratch; this way I know exactly what’s going into it and I can figure […]

An Alberta Adventure with Ford

Jun 7 2017     /     , , , , ,

Did you that Ford is Canada’s longest established automaker?  This year Canada will celebrate 150 years and Ford Canada will celebrate 113.  That is a lot of amazing history between Ford and our amazing country. Here are just a few highlights from the impressive Ford Canada history: 1904 – Ford is established and the first […]

Return that beautiful smile to your babies face with Boiron’s Camilia

May 31 2017     /     , ,

Avery and I just finished traveling to London, England for work, back to Toronto for a day so I could be on set, and then gone the next day for a week vacation in Barbados. There has not been a product I have been more grateful for than this one. Camilia homeopathic teething drops have […]

Children’s Medicines For Cough Relief

May 12 2017     /     , ,

It looks like spring outside, however kids are still getting sick a lot during this time of the year. The temperature changes extremely from minus to +15C in one day here in Canada. Even adults cannot adjust to the changes quickly. Let alone kids who waited long time for lovely sunshine and want to play […]

Review: Brica Fold ‘N Go Travel Bassinet

May 9 2017     /     , ,

  On the go? No need to plan your day around naptime with this BRICA Fold ‘n Go Travel Bassinet. Light, durable, and safe, this bassinet is super easy to pack and carry-and set up is so simple that you can have naptime anytime. Whether your plans include a picnic, a cross-country adventure, or just […]

Munchkin Premium Diaper Pail Review

Apr 27 2017     /     , , ,

As I write this, I am smelling a lovely Lavender scent coming from the product details from my brand new Munchkin Diaper Pail.  The bags are scented and pretty much everything that was included in the box smells wonderful.   Speaking of smells – this is exactly why I was so enthusiastic to review the […]