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10 Tips for Surviving Your Baby’s Witching Hour

Jul 2 2013     /     , , , ,

Guest Blog post by: LiveInNanny.org What is this so-called “witching hour” that babies have? No parent needs to have it defined, because they’ve all been through it. It’s that period of time when the baby seems utterly inconsolable. There are those who would be eternally grateful if it only lasted an hour. For some it […]

Gentle Sounds Improve Baby’s Sleep

Nov 27 2012     /     , , ,

The environment that your baby enjoyed in the womb was not absolutely quiet. There was a constant symphony of sound. (Remember those whooshing sounds from when you listened to your baby’s heartbeat with the stethoscope?) Because of this prenatal history, “white noise” sounds or soft bedtime music can help many babies to relax and fall […]

Nap Tips for Newborns

Nov 20 2012     /     , , ,

Learn to Differentiate Between Sleeping Sounds and Awaking Sounds When you put your newborn down for a nap and later hear noises, don’t immediately run to pick her up. First, stop and listen for a few minutes, peek in on her without her seeing you. If you are co-sleeping with your baby, and he begins […]

The Volcano Effect: Why Skipping a Nap Results in Meltdown

Nov 13 2012     /     , , , , , , ,

From the moment your child wakes in the morning he is slowly using up the benefits of the previous night’s sleep. He wakes up totally refreshed, but as the hours pass, little by little, the benefits of his sleep time are used up, and an urge to return to sleep begins to build. When we […]

The Hush Hour

Nov 13 2012     /     , , , ,

Every child can benefit from a daily nap, but sometimes there is nothing you can do to get your child to actually sleep. But day after day, week after week, without a rest break can result in a fussy child prone to tears, temper tantrums and whining. A Hush Hour can provide a wonderful substitute […]

Early Bedtime Means Better Baby Sleep

Nov 6 2012     /     , , , ,

In their efforts to encourage their baby to sleep better, one approach that many parents use is to put their baby to bed later in the evening. They think, “If he’s “really tired” he’ll sleep better, right?” Wrong! This often backfires because Baby becomes overtired, and chronically sleep-deprived. In the majority of cases, a baby’s […]