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Review: 3D two Double Convenience Stroller

Aug 1 2016     /     , , , ,

We have had so many moms ask us for our expert advice on umbrella travel strollers.  For families that are flying or taking long road trips in jammed vehicles, an umbrella stroller is a must.  We talked to our friends Summer Infant and they said they would send us a double umbrella stroller.  Hard to imagine, […]

Tips for Travelling with Children

May 4 2015     /     , , , , ,

Summer holidays are approaching and here are some tips for travelling with babies and toddlers whether you are planning a week at the camp site or a plane ride to visit family. Flying? Arrive early! Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, park, check baggage, go through security, and get to your gate! This […]

10 Tips for Keeping Bugs Away from Your Picnic Lunch

Jul 16 2013     /     , , , ,

Guest Post by: Part-Time-Nanny As the weather warms up and the days get longer, the idea of al fresco dining becomes more and more appealing. When those pleasant daydreams become a reality, nothing foils the pretty picture as quickly as an infestation of insects. These ten tips can help you enjoy a fun-filled day of […]

Advantages of Specialty Arts Summer Camps: Exercising the Right Side of Your Child’s Brain

Feb 20 2013     /     , ,

Article by: Ana Belic for OurKids.net, Canada’s trusted source for camps and schools.  Thinking about sending your child to an arts camp this summer? Consider the advantages of these specialty camps in engaging the right side of their brains and further developing their artistic talents. Two decades ago, society clearly favoured the left side of […]

Travel Healthy!

Jul 24 2012     /     , , , , , ,

Tips for Taking Your Family’s Healthy Lifestyle With You on Holidays Summer holidays are approaching and whether you are planning a week at the cottage or a plane ride to an exotic countryside, you will want to stay healthy while away! Vacations can be a nice break from your regular routine and provide opportunity to […]

Summer Holiday Boredom

Jun 14 2012     /     ,

BY Sara Dimerman By this time of year, even parents are looking forward to a break from school – getting up early to make lunches, driving to and from extra curricular activities and dealing with homework hassles. However, we also know that the long break from school during the summer months means that we might […]