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Review: Bily Deluxe Umbrella Stroller

Aug 23 2016     /     , ,

We have had several moms ask us what our top Umbrella Stroller recommendations are.  We reached out to all of our sponsors and partners and received several to try.  The Bily Deluxe Umbrella stroller is definitely our most cost effective option. The Bily Umbrella stroller is lightweight and compact and works well for travel. With […]

Review: 3D two Double Convenience Stroller

Aug 1 2016     /     , , , ,

We have had so many moms ask us for our expert advice on umbrella travel strollers.  For families that are flying or taking long road trips in jammed vehicles, an umbrella stroller is a must.  We talked to our friends Summer Infant and they said they would send us a double umbrella stroller.  Hard to imagine, […]

Exotic family vacation

Oct 19 2015     /     , ,

Written by: @GabDiesendorf No matter if your kids are still small and will probably not remember the visit (but the pictures and your memories stay, though), or if they are old enough to go on holiday with their friends  separately – opting for a family trip is always the best choice. The advantages are numerous, so […]

Tips for Travelling with Children

May 4 2015     /     , , , , ,

Summer holidays are approaching and here are some tips for travelling with babies and toddlers whether you are planning a week at the camp site or a plane ride to visit family. Flying? Arrive early! Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, park, check baggage, go through security, and get to your gate! This […]

Tips To Manage Your Kids While Traveling

Oct 25 2014     /     ,

Everyone will agree to the fact that traveling with kids presents many challenges. Nonetheless, if you plan for it, you can reduce the parental stress that is associated with it. Involving elder children in the trip’s planning process can get them excited about it (the trip). Ensure that you include child oriented activities and family […]

6 Top Tips: How To Travel With Kids

Oct 19 2013     /     , , ,

Article by:  Rania Walker. OurKids.net, Canada’s trusted source for camps and schools. Like any rite of passage, you know you’re a family on the move the second the words “are we there yet?” have been uttered again and again. With Thanksgiving and the Holidays coming up many of us will be en route to visit […]

Are We There Yet? Activities to Keep Children Occupied on Road Trips

Jun 19 2013     /     , ,

Guest Post: Are We There Yet? Summer has always been known as the season for road trips. Whether you’re moving across the country, or heading out on a family vacation, there are some things you can do to make the trip enjoyable for everyone involved. Travelling with children is never easy, but being in a […]

How to Prepare for International Travel with Kids

Nov 10 2012     /     , , , ,

Guest Post Written By: Summer Nanny Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or for personal reasons, making the decision to visit another country with your children in tow is not one that should be taken lightly. Bureaucratic measures, long flights, and traversing the complex world of a foreign culture can be stressful for parents that aren’t properly prepared. […]

Why You May Want to Bring a Babysitter on Vacation

Aug 23 2012     /     , , ,

While planning a family vacation, making arrangements for an accompanying childcare provider may not be at the top of your checklist. After all, it is a “family” vacation; however, there are a wide variety of reasons why bringing your favorite sitter along might be a wise choice. It’s Your Vacation, Too Traveling with your children […]

Travel Healthy!

Jul 24 2012     /     , , , , , ,

Tips for Taking Your Family’s Healthy Lifestyle With You on Holidays Summer holidays are approaching and whether you are planning a week at the cottage or a plane ride to an exotic countryside, you will want to stay healthy while away! Vacations can be a nice break from your regular routine and provide opportunity to […]