I remember it like it was yesterday. I was six years old. Once my little clock hit 8:00 am I was out my bedroom door faster than you could say Barbie. I ran down the stairs as fast as my little legs could carry me, and when I rounded the corner and saw it, I swear, you could hear a little chorus of angels singing in the background.

There it was. In all it’s glory. THE Barbie Dreamhouse. Barbie and Ken kicking back on their little plastic sofas. Dining room sets complete with a full set of forks and knives. Cozy beds, TV’s, plus boxy chairs and couches. Plus, an elevator, because the dreamhouse had three floors. Nothing like a healthy does of reality. Way to set future expectations high Santa!

barbie house

It was the best gift I ever got at Christmas. (A close second was my black rabbit I smartly named ‘Blackie.’ But once I realized Blackie hated the world and everyone in it, I was left to wonder if I had really made Santa’s naughty list that year.)

Fast forward almost twenty years later, the best gift I received this year, was a manicure and pedicure from my parents. In my younger, carefree days, I never appreciated such a simple luxury. Nowadays to have an hour all to myself, with someone pampering me? Yes please!

So what’s the best and worst gifts you’ve gotten Christmas past and present? Just for fun, I did a very unscientific survey on a mom’s facebook group in Calgary. Here’s some of the BEST:


* A mother’s son home healthy (that is the ultimate best gift for any mom)
* Hand knit scarf, toque and mittens – it was the last gift she ever got from her mom
* A mother watching her son experience the magic of Christmas
* A trip to Banff as a family
* iPad (a very popular gift this year)
* Kobo Reader
* A brand new TV (yes please!)

The worst? There are some doozies!


* A wife finding her husband having ‘relations’ with another woman on Christmas
* A makeup kit sent from family in Toronto that had been opened and robbed along the way – all she got was an empty box
* Elderly shoe grips (useful for some, not so much for others)
* Zombie decals for the family fan
* Skeleton wine bottle holder
* A curtain rod (functional, that’s for sure)
* Joint gift: A universal remote control (my husband would do this too!)
* Queen size panty hose (NEVER a good idea!)

So what do the experts say? Tada! A brand new coupon site from Shopzilla, Inc. polled 6,581 shoppers after they had checked out from 2,987 online retailers.

Hunting dog with a gun

Topping the list of best gifts, was money, ipads, clothing, trips and a car. However some of the more wierd items included a bible, a 9mm gun (this was an American site), a divorce, a dog and a gun (again an American site), and extra flaming hot Cheetos (huh?!).

As for the worst presents, the one that topped the list on many sites I researched was no surprise … socks! I did get socks this year, and I do love them as they have lots of cute designs on them. But I really did need socks. Most people just want to get the value bag of black socks and don’t want someone to waste a present on them.


Other items on the worst present list: Sweaters, a blue velour jogging suit (who does that?!), a can of blood sausage, carpet cleaner, fruit cake (wholeheartedly agree), nose hair clipper and razors. Why, oh, why people?!

Anyways regardless of what you got for Christmas this year, I hope that it was an enjoyable year with family and friends! And if you got undesirable gifts, think re-gift or better yet donation! One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

What is the best and worst present you got this year?


For more on the Tada! poll check it out here:

This UK company is fully aware that socks is the worst gift to give someone … however they think that their unique looking socks might change opinions:

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