What To Expect: Our Mom & Baby Program

So. Much. Love.

This picture was taken ten months ago when my daughter was only eight weeks old. She still bears some resemblance to this smiling little baby, but she’s grown so much that you wouldn’t recognized her from this photo alone.

I cherish this this picture which is now framed and sitting here with me at my desk. It reminds me often of those early days. Not much sleep. Lots of diaper changes. Refusing to put her down. Days of feeling like supermom. And plenty of others, questioning if I was cut out to BE a mom. An apartment busting at the seams with baby clothes and toys. And our stroller parked in the bathroom (not much space elsewhere to put it).

I will never forget that special time. And if you are about to go through it, are currently in it, just out of it, or down the road past it, I am sure you too will/are/have strong memories and feelings about those days with a new baby.


In less that two weeks Mommy Connections Calgary South will kick off our mom & baby program and I am super excited! The photo above, was taken in the Mommy Connections program that I attended. Truthfully, I never planned to become the program director in South Calgary, but I felt such a strong connection to the group and the value it brought to the community that it felt like the right decision for me.

Whether or not you are already signed up, are planning to within the next week, or are still deciding if this is the right program for you I’ve outlined here exactly what you can expect if join the program. I want every mother who attends to get more than what you expected from class.

Learn. Experience. Connect and above all belong. This is about making time for you and for baby, because you will never get this precious time back.

So what to expect? Glad you asked. We have a phenomenal list of presenters, speakers and community members who are all participating in our program because they want you to have the best information possible when it comes to you and baby. Here is a sample of what the schedule will look like. Dates and times are subject to change, as we are firming up final details.


Want to know more about some of our presenters? Click on the left for the schedule OR keep reading below for more detailed information on some of our speakers and what they’re planning to share with our group.

Baby Nutrition 101: When should you start solids? Introduce food allergens? Should you do all organic? What are baby superfoods? Feeding your baby beyond breastmilk or formula is ALWAYS a major concern. Jennifer House of First Step Nutrition will break it down for you, and leave you feeling more confident in feeding baby.

The Basics of Sleep: This HAS to be the most common question as a new parent. How’s the baby sleeping? Good or bad, Shan Roth of Jammy Time Sleep Solutions has 7 easy steps to get the whole house sleeping better!


Music and Play: What better way to connect and bond with baby, then with music and lots of play! Miss Nancy from Music and Play will lead the class through a 45 minute session with a variety of music and movement that will be sure to entertain baby and you!

Baby Cough & Colds: In the first year of my daughters life she had four colds. Naturopathic Dr. Stephanie Andrews will explain what’s normal and how NOT to hit the panic button, especially with Boiron to the rescue!

Baby Sign Language: Imagine communicating with your baby before he or she can speak. Melody and Laura of My Smart Hands will share some fun and easy signs with you to do with your baby!

Transitioning to Motherhood: Nobody gives you THE book about being a mother. It’s a major life change and transition and it’s hard to prepare for it, let alone settle easily into it. Psychotherapist Yulit Price will engage the class in discussing and embracing this new chapter of life.

Mom & Baby Yoga: Loved yoga? Hoping to get back into your practice? This is the perfect time to see how you like it with your baby. Mina Khan-Lee of Leela Eco Spa and Studio has plenty of experience teaching this highly sought after class in Calgary!

Baby Photography: Pictures are priceless, especially of baby in the early days. We will have a professional photographer who will take a picture with you and your baby for you to keep. They will give us tips and techniques for capturing the best shots with your little one.

Infant CPR: Choking baby. Unconscious infant. We don’t want to think about it but these things do happen. This class will teach you some of the basics to know when it comes to CPR and your baby. (I would HIGHLY recommend taking the full class and certification for this!)


Natural Skin Care for Baby: What types of lotions, soaps, shampoos are you using on baby? Our knowledge of what goes into products has increased exponentially and as new moms we don’t want to settle for using just anything. Heather Hiemstra (BScN) will break down what to look for, and what to be aware of when choosing the right products.

Postpartum Core Strengthening: Let’s face it, our ‘core’ isn’t where we want it to be after baby. A year later, and my ‘core’ still isn’t where I want it to be. It’s what I call a work in progress. Lana from Physiofit moms will lead us through proper techniques when it comes to rebuilding core after baby.

Mom & Baby Storytime: Remember Mother Goose reading programs? Education and knowledge about literacy is key for new parents. Alexandra May from Rhyme and Reason will bring her tool box with books, music and rhymes to get baby involved and to break it down so you know exactly where to start.

Childcare Options: Nanny? Dayhome? Childcare provider? Not sure where to start? Judy from Bright Path Kids has been in the business for over thirty years. Her expertise and guidance for what to know and what to look for will help you on the right path.


Baby Play Time: Play is the best way baby learns. What type of play? Structured versus unstructured? What are the best toys? How does babies brain develop? Jennifer Haas of Discovery Toys, will bring her years of expertise (as well as her toys) and will show you just exactly what is the best way to get your babies brain engaged.

Baby Education: Let’s face it … planning for your child’s education begins at birth. Even before birth. But where to start? What is RESP’s and how do you know your getting the best value from your provider? Shelly Bridger from CST is in the know and will help you make the right decision for your family.

So as you can see, it’s a jam packed agenda and there’s still a few we are finalizing that aren’t listed above. Lots of learning, socializing and activity on a weekly basis. I can honestly say that my confidence improved greatly after taking this program, and that made a huge difference for our family. And on top of it all, I met a room full of mothers who learned, shared, laughed and cried with me (at different times of course!). My sincere hope is that new friendships and lifelong bonds are built in this program.

Along with the class, each mommy will receive a swag bag with lots of goodies such as free Diapers from Pampers, Love Child Organics Baby Food Sample (yummy!) and a Parents Canada magazine. There’s also a variety of coupons and samples in the swag bags that will save you money. And we all know how important it is to save money. Plus there’s DOOR PRIZES! Free stuff everywhere!!!


I hope this helped you understand just what we are all about. We are a very transparent company, that really believes in building community by bringing moms together to learn and experience during this precious time. If you have any more questions about this particular program, I am ALWAYS available to answer your questions. Email me at: katherine@mommyconnections.ca

I look forward to meeting you all in a few weeks.

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