The Greener Cleaners: Review

I admit it. I cleaned for the cleaners.

I just couldn’t help myself. No matter who it is, you don’t want to appear to be ‘those’ people. The slobs who let their kids destroy the house and never clean. Those people who leave their clothes everywhere and hope the cleaning fairies will come and put them in the wash. Nope. I definitely didn’t want them to take one look at our house and say they were too busy and that they would have to come back another time. I didn’t want to take any chances. So I cleaned. And then the cleaners came over.

With two young children and both myself and my husband working it’s been increasingly harder and harder to find the time to tidy up. Once I saw the kids playing with the dust bunnies, I knew it was time to get serious about cleaning. So we looked around and decided we wanted to find a company that would meet our following criteria:

  • Reliable, trustworthy
  • Gets the job done with no issues or concerns
  • Efficient and cost effective (didn’t break the bank)
  • Used safe products without any harsh chemicals or smells (especially as we have small children)
  • Felt safe allowing the company and or cleaner into the house

We called around and checked into various places but didn’t feel comfortable or confident with anyone until we found ‘The Greener Cleaners.’ So we set up a time for a clean last week and they came over to do a ‘trial’ clean.

First thing they do is set a time and date, then they send you a reminder email. They showed up within the time frame, with three girls to do the cleaning. Not much explanation needed and I found out apparently you don’t need to ‘clean’ for the cleaners! While it is appreciated to have items off the counter or the floor, they are willing to do it and don’t require you to do it beforehand. I didn’t have any major expectations of how things would go, so I just settled in and let them do their work.

In total, they cleaned the house for three hours which is much longer than a regular monthly or bi weekly clean, although they do say every return visit is as thorough as the first clean. The expectation is that everything from top to bottom including baseboards and window sills are cleaned. The only thing NOT cleaned is blinds unless it’s requested. The next time they would come, it would be less than three house, as it is mostly maintenance and not too much build up. Prices vary as well based on how big your house is and how long it takes to clean.

The first thing I was impressed with, was the extent to which they cleaned our shower. I wish I would have taken a before and after photo, because she went above and beyond in cleaning our shower and tub. We had horrible stains, water and soap build up in the shower. Gone. Completely gone. And the tub? Sparkling! I think both were cleaner than they were when moved in. The bathroom was thoroughly cleaned which I was so grateful for.

Another big concern was our main stairs. When you walk into our home, our stairs are front and centre. Carpet and many stairs are tough to clean with the vacuum and a bad back. So I was eager to see how this would turn out. The first time I looked at the stairs, I was happy but not overjoyed. Fluff, lint from socks, string, all those little things seem to always find a way to the back of the stairs where it’s hard vacuum out. So the initial vacuum did a good job but pieces were still hanging around. Yet here’s where quality control came in. Their supervisor showed up around an hour and a half to two hours after the first three girls arrived. Her job is to check the house over and give the thumbs up, or tell the girls to re do something. The first thing she noticed, was the stairs. She didn’t like the look of the stairs and had someone come back and vacuum again and dust the bannister. As a customer, I was impressed.

The main floor was given a thorough clean and believe me when I say they earned everything they made this house call. With small kids we have more than a few food stains and marks on the cupboards, backsplash and walls in our kitchen. Walls are not a part of the general cleaning package but they do look for general marks and clean them up. So from our playroom to our kitchen and living area, we had some ‘issues’. I remember even looking at my sons booster chair and thinking how dirty it was. I wondered if they would clean it up and sure enough they did! That to me was over and above and impressive.

By the end of our clean we had five cleaners at the house, three that started and two supervisors who did final checks. I don’t think this was the norm by any means, but they made sure our house was given a really thorough clean. Was there some things overlooked? Yes. There were some baseboards that weren’t touched in the bedroom, the front of our television wasn’t dusted and one of our mirrors had a small streak on it. But honestly, that was so minor compared to the impressive overall clean that we received. From top to bottom, I was thrilled with the attention, care and clean that we received. If there were larger issues or mistakes, that’s one thing. But a few minor misses wasn’t by any means a deal breaker by my standards. Plus the girls were all friendly and willing to work around myself and my two year old who were home that morning.

I also spoke at length with one of their managers about the cleaning products that were used. The Greener Cleaners is a family business and from the beginning they’ve always used their own cleaning products without the harsh chemicals that other store bought products have in them. The smell? Didn’t bother us one bit. It was a regular clean smell, nothing abrasive or anything that would cause a headache. I loved knowing that my son could roll on the carpet and I wouldn’t have to worry about the deodorizer they just put down. Huge check mark in my books.

As a Mom of two small children, I would absolutely use their services again. They don’t ever guarantee the same cleaners on a regular basis which is too bad as I know it’s nice to know who is always cleaning your home. But if they have the same standard of clean for every crew that goes out, it shouldn’t make a difference. I haven’t had them back for a second time, but I will update this if I do and let you know if the second clean was as good as the first.

Overall, if you are looking for a cleaner with reasonable prices, excellent cleans and efficient workers, I would encourage you to give them a call and try them out. The only thing you have to lose, is the dust bunnies in your house!

Happy House Cleaning!



The Greener Cleaners:




  • They clean all over the city of Calgary.

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