The Mothering Vine: My Purpose

“Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” 
Oprah Winfrey
Hello Mama’s! As the years have passed and our community has grown, I am not sure if you all know me, so I thought I’d re-introduce myself for those of you who I haven’t met yet! My name is Katherine Dolan, I am the director for Mommy Connections Calgary and I am so grateful you are here!  I have run programs in the city for the past four, almost five years and have absolutely loved it! I am passionate about building community and helping women get connected.
It is through my work at Mommy Connections Calgary that this idea of building an online community to inspire and empower women along the motherhood journey, came to light.
‘The Mothering Vine’ is a movement. A movement to be real, when sharing the exhilarating highs and monumental lows that we all experience as mothers. We are uniting together to support, connect, inspire and empower each other in our daily lives through our personal experiences. No mom guilt, no mom shaming and NO perfect women here. Only real women sharing real stories along the motherhood journey.
As a teacher, journalist and director for Mommy Connections, as well as a Mother of two littles, this website has been a long time coming. Throughout the years, whether I was teaching a class, running a program, workshop, or event, I would always reflect after on how things went. What I realized through the years is that if a class or group had people who were authentic, open and real, they always walked away with what we  crave the most in our lives. Connection.

This connection is vital as a woman and as a mother. Think of this website as a place where we can be real with each other in hopes that in our daily lives, we’ll be able to see beyond the impossible standards set by others on what we ‘should’ be doing. Instead we’ll share our stories, our experiences and be who we are, imperfections and all, knowing that it’s okay. We are more similar than we are different and we are each others greatest resources.

What can you expect at this website? Stories, stories and more stories! We’ll have videos of women sharing parts of their journey, interviews with various experts on topics related to motherhood, an online community of support and connection, written stories, live interviews, a marketplace, discounts for various companies and much more!

The Mothering Vine website is set to launch on Monday June 25th! It is a membership based website where there will be a LOW monthly cost for a membership. The reason for this is because we want to create a safe, non judgemental space for women along the motherhood journey. We want to attract women who want to be inspired, motivated and empowered and who want to connect with other women along the motherhood journey. We are committed to sharing, connecting and building TOGETHER through our online community with incredible value for you on a daily basis!

We want to connect with YOU. Not the perfect Facebook picture of you, we want the perfectly imperfect woman that you are. The woman that is beautiful, worthy and enough just as you are.

We will rise together and we will do it by being real with each other, sharing real stories with other real women. I hope you will join us, add your voice to our community and grow with us, along this motherhood journey. You are not alone.

Make sure to check us out on Facebook and on Instagram where we’ll be sharing on regularly!

With love,


Thank you to Shirley Lynne Photography for this beautiful photo of my little ones!

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