The Greener Cleaners: Self Care Experience

It is no secret, that my favourite day of the week is every second Friday when The Greener Cleaners visit my house. With two little ones under the age of 6, life is busy. But there’s nothing like that feeling of a clean home! Therefore, I have always said that hiring a cleaner was the best thing I’ve ever done for SELF CARE!

Last week, we had a chance to connect with the owners of The Greener Cleaners, which are a family run business. We are huge supporters of local community based businesses, so we wanted to share with you more about them in case you’re looking for a reliable cleaning service too!

* Tell us about your family business:

We have been running our Family business for 4 years. We started as a Mother Daughter duo and it has grown from there to an entire team of wonderful people.

* What makes you different from other cleaning companies in the city?

We are different from other cleaning companies because we care for each individual home as our own.

* What is different from your products you use to clean? (natural products)

All of our cleaning products are made by the owners. They are all natural and contain no chemical ingredients.

* Do you have different people per week or is it the same crew?

We have a variety of staff that all have a passion for cleaning. We can accommodate requests to have the same crew come to your house every time, but we also like to give them a chance to work with others so we rearrange the crews on a regular basis.

* Would you offer a discount to first time customers that call you from our Mommy Connections community?

Absolutely! If you are interested in trying The Greener Cleaners, call us and we’ll give you a discount for a first time clean!

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