Unique Children’s Christmas Gift!

Every Christmas, parents are always looking for the best most awesome, ‘in’ toy of the season (yes Paw Patrol Tower, we are looking at you!). Yet we know that we should be buying things that are priceless, like more time with us and more experiences rather than toys. So we’ve come up with a truly unique way to buy something that is unique, connected and will make your child’s eyes light up to see it!
What is it?
Yellow Canary Apparel, has simplified things and has made something that will truly bring joy! It’s a unique piece of apparel featuring your child’s artwork! Let us help by creating a truly unique gift for parents, grandparents, or the kids with our Made By Collection.
How does it work? 
Glad you asked! You submit your child’s artwork and choose the piece of apparel you want it to appear on. We create full detail, full colour shirts with your child’s artwork! Show off their talent by wearing their artwork around on a t-shirt or  sweatshirt, or let them display their artwork proudly on a shirt in their size!
We also offer our cute Monster Collection. Have your child or toddler express themselves with one of our fun, cheerful monster shirts. You can even add custom text to make the t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, or sweatshirt truly  unique!
Check out Yellow Canary Apparel and order a shirt today! They will also be joining us for our Holiday Party as part of our mini market! Thanks Yellow Canary for an awesome Christmas idea!

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