A Farmer’s Daughter Turned Mother: Simple & Seamless

By Leanne Walkom

I am a farmer’s daughter, a middle sister, a wife, a friend, a teacher, a pediatric sleep consultant and a mom. There is no way of putting all of those titles in an order that does them justice. It is so hard to answer questions like, “so what do you do?” Or “can you tell me a little about yourself?”

 Truth is I HAVE done a lot things. I have travelled to several parts of the world, I have worked construction, (literally) dug for gold, volunteered with a variety of organizations, tree planted, completed a degree in Religions Studies and Thanatology and completed my Bachelor of Education. Most recently? I became a sleep consultant. 

I have three perfect children and a perfect husband. Currently I am a stay at home mom, a title I always wanted, yet a title I struggle to carry. I AM a mom and I DO stay home. My to do list today includes, get groceries, be on time for a doctors appointment, clean the basement, organizer for a babysitter, write a blog and keep 3 tiny humans alive. Each day I strive for the last item on the list. So far today I am successful!

This blog is supposed to be about my motherhood story, so I’ll start with my own transition to motherhood.

Like most moms to be, I had a birth plan. I had in my head that I was absolutely not having a c-section. On January 12th  2014, our daughter (Madeline) was born via c-section. The plan, that I had planned, was out the window. That was my first of many lesson on how motherhood would be. Maddie was perfect in every way.

Twenty months later, our second daughter was born. We planned her c-section, she was also perfect. When my husband and I first saw Evelynn we knew she was our gift. She is identical to my mother-in-law who passed away during our pregnancy. Not having my mother in law close to my side has been a challenge. I am so thankful for the time and love I had with Lynn. With great love, comes great loss. This is another lesson in motherhood. 

January 4th 2018, our son Charlie was born via planned c-section. I was shocked when the doctor said “its a boy!”  Charlie was a big deal because he is the son & grandson who will carry on our last name. Our son is a calm, quiet, big, boy, who gets into EVERYTHING in site. He crawls on things I didn’t know you could and finds things I didn’t know we had. He has given me the strength to ask for help and reach out to our village. Yet another lesson.

 My motherhood story is nothing fancy. It is simple and seems seamless.    

I will still stutter over the questions “what do you do.” I answer with confidence that I am a mom. I also add that I am a Pediatric Sleep Consultant. Both titles are important to me. But I feel like I have so much more to share when I am asked.

My motherhood journey is currently about building a village. One that I can lean on when needed. This journey is about making a foundation then building upon it. It’s about connections and being connected. 

Lastly, in case you are wondering how my day went?

I was 13 minutes early for the doctors appointment, only because I had it in my calendar 15 minutes early to trick myself. The basement never got cleaned. I am organized ‘ish’ for the babysitter, this blog is complete. With groceries, I went with my youngest. I like to park near a cart return for obvious reasons. I had to park further away than I ever have. I remembered all the essentials while shopping, a win! I eyed up a perfect short cut through the parking lot to bring the cart back quickly. Just as I was pushing the cart in the snow almost to the short cut, a car pulled into the spot. I stopped, looked up, turned around and went the long way around to put my cart in the return area. I guess the shortcut wasn’t meant to be. So I took the long way around, ending in the same place. Another lesson in motherhood.

As for my three tiny humans, they are sound asleep, resting for the events of tomorrow.

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