Calgary, AB – Katherine Dolan

May 31 2015     /    

I am a wife. A mother. A daughter. A sister. A teacher. A writer.

A dreamer with a wild imagination. I get excited over the little things. I am curious. Inquisitive. Thoughtful. Creative. Always willing to lend a hand, or ear or shoulder. I love, love, love to bake. I listen more than talk. I enjoy trying new things, meeting new people, and challenging myself. I have always followed my passions in life, especially when it comes to work. And when my daughter was born in January 2013, my life changed forever.

Eight weeks after she was born, I took a Mommy Connections class and instantly found a network and community of support. Expert speakers answering questions I had, (and those I hadn’t thought of yet). Activities that nurtured the bond with my baby, and other mothers’ in the same situation as me, with a lot of the same questions that I had. I was finally able to relax in my new role as a mom. I made friends I will now have forever. Ones that I laugh with, cry with and share everything with. This is now my community. This is where I belong.

This is now my goal for Mommy Connections. Learn. Experience. Socialize. Build community.

A place to share our stories, and support each other together through the highs and lows. And ultimately, to be a bridge to help you build those lifelong friendships so in twenty years, you’ll be able to look back and fondly remember meeting in Mommy Connections class.

Everyone is welcome. From soon to be mother, to new mother, to mother of multiples. We can do this together. I hope you join us.