Durham Region families can jump for joy at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Whitby, located at 240 South Blair Street, Unit 2. The brand new 34,500 square foot facility features a massive Open Jump court, two Ultimate Dodgeball courts, Sky Slam basketball, a Foam Zone and a toddler jump area, reserved especially for the littlest jumpers! Plus Sky Zone offers SkyRobics, an innovative fitness class that burns up to 1,000 calories in one hourBBE_Instagram_Images.
People of all ages and abilities can defy gravity on the all-trampoline walled courts that are designed for optimal airtime. The Open Jump experience is for individuals and groups who want to zip across the court, take a gigantic leap vertically, or bounce off the walls, literally. The wildly popular Ultimate Dodgeball adds an exciting twist to the childhood game and the SkySlam courts gives everyone the opportunity to slam dunk like an NBA basketball star. Freestyle flyers can also practice their moves as they soar into the Foam Zone, a giant pit filled with 10,000 foam cubes.Slam Dunk (7)
My family and I received a lovely invitation this past weekend to check out all that Skyzone Whitby had to offer! I jumped at the chance and quickly accepted. I mean, who am I to turn down an offer like that? Sunday morning came and we were off to what I was sure was going to be a few hours of endless fun for my hubby, Karl, my 22-month-old, Karmyn and my sis, Claudia. Bring it on!
Once we arrived, were were greeted by Nicole, Sky Zone Whitby’s Events Manager. Rigĥt away we felt “at home”, so to speak as Nicole greeted us in such a welcoming way. It was very refreshing. She brought us to a computer booth setup by the entrance where we were asked to complete Liability Waivers. If you have a child (under age 16) then a parent or guardian must complete the waiver on their behalf. It was pretty straight forward and very necessary in case of any accidents. Once that was completed, we were asked to go the the customer service desk to receive our Sky Socks, specialty socks needed to jump in “The Zone” as I call it. I love that they had various sizes sure to fit everyone including my baby girl. ATT_1439168761141_20150802_113649There were also lockers on hand to keep our valuables in a safe place until we were ready to leave. My sister took the liberty of using one and quickly pointed out that once the locker is closed, it remains so for an hour despite her having a key. We found that feature to be a little frustrating and was an issue for me, a mother of a toddler who would need access to her diaper bag at all times as lets face it, she’s a toddler. So with that, Karl had to run back to the car with the diaper bag as it would be easier to access should we need it.
Once that was all settled and we were dressed to the nines with our fancy bright orange Sky Socks, we met up with Andrew, a lovely young man who laid out all the rules of the facility, being sure to point out the poster of numbered rules in case we couldn’t retain all of what he was saying. It was brief and to the point. Anticipation crept in ATT_1439168940392_20150802_102850as we were guided past their party rooms and sitting area, complete with leather couches and a television for those that want to lounge as they wait for their Sky Jumpers to finish. That was the end of the line for Nicole and just the beginning for us as she led us up the stairs to where all the magic happens!
Karl right away, gravitated to the Zone with the basketball nets. There were 4 lanes of trampoline each leading to differing heights of basketball nets. The point, obviously is to dunk the ball, if you dare, into the net of your choice. Karl didn’t do too badly actually, but I remember mumbling to myself that he shouldn’t quit his day job just yet. ATT_1439168889127_20150802_103638
Karmyn was a little bag of excitement and couldn’t wait to hit the Toddler Zone, where there were about 6 trampolines. They were the same size as the adult trampolines, but fewer of them. What I loved was that toddlers were given a separate area to jump to avoid being trampled by the bigger folk and the area was completed with foam blocks with drawn-on animal faces as props for the kids to play with. Karmyn being a toddler and super-glued to mommy’s hip did not want to jump on the trampolines without me. As I was leading  her onto one of the them, I was told I was not able to go with her. I immediately disagreed and pointed out that not all toddlers are as independent as others and that she needed me with her, especially because this was all new to her. Without a fight, I was allowed to get onto the trampoline with her and lightly jump so she could follow suit. Let’s just saying Karmyn was never much of a jumper! The staff, which mainly consisted of highschool kids, were smitten by all her cuteness and offered up some animal noises to go with the foam blocks to coax her into calmness. And what would you know, it worked! ATT_1439168889900_20150802_103118After that, we decided to go cheer Daddy on at the nets. Claudia was off somewhere having a great time jumping and bouncing off the walls which were also 100% trampoline.
It was off to the the new foam pit for kids 16 years old and under where they could literally get lost in a sea of foam blocks after jumping off a trampoline diving board. Similar to the basketball nets, there are 4 lanes of trampoline. This time though they all lead to a giant pool of foam blocks. I wanted in on that action, but was told the adult foam pit was under construction. Defeated. Karmyn however, in all her jumping expertise decided to get a head start on me ATT_1439168888819_20150802_103904and dove head first into the pit. If it weren’t for her whimpering cries, I would have never found her. Wow, that pit is deep. Awesome! Must.Try.Adult.Foam.Pit on my next visit for sure!
Karmyn and I took our turn at the basketball nets and I was able to get some “me time” in on the trampolines for a solid 10 minutes before Karmyn realized I was having fun without her. I literally bounced off the walls with excitement as I was having so much fun! I was dripping like never before in those 10 minutes than I ever have working out for a longer period of time. What an amazing workout without even knowing you’re working out. The socks were a20150802_110254mazing and kind of makes you stick the the flooring when walking around and creates a non-slip feel when jumping. I kind of felt like Spiderwoman for a bit there. It was great! We jumped for a total of an hour before calling it a day. Besides, with Sky Zone’s timed stickers you have to wear on your shirt (which is given to you once you choose your jump time and pay upon entry to the facility), I don’t think it would be easy for someone to sneak in more jump time.
On the way out, We washed our hands in the bathroom which was very clean and well-kept and took notice of the snack bar and arcade games found in the seating area by the lockers. I also noticed a neat little glass display of memorabilia for one’s visit to Sky Zone Whitby. There were cups, hats and other items available for purchase. My sister Claudia noticed that fitness classes would soon be offered! How intriguing and fun!
Nicole ATT_1439168760840_20150802_114459pointed out that the classes have not yet begun but are sure to be a hit. There is also “Sky Jam” where those can jump from 9pm-11pm, including pop and pizza. What a great “after hours” event where this would be a hit among myself and my mommy friends who need a break after the babies go down for the night.
Sky Zone is also the perfect venue for memorable group outings, including birthday parties, corporate team building events, school trips, and summer camps. For more information or to reserve a jump time, which is highly recommended, visit
Overall, we all had a great time. Other than a few small bumps of not being able to jump with my daughter and not being able to jump in the foam pit, it was an amazing experience. Karmyn’s 2nd birthday is coming up and we’re thinking of having it at Sky Zone. The rates may be a bit high for some, but this also includes an hour jump time for every party guest and the birthday girl of course as well as an hour in one of the 4 or so party rooms available.
The staff is friendly and Nicole was very informative and answered our many questions with ease. I can’t wait for our next visit!ATT_1439168810277_20150802_104253
To celebrate almost reaching 1000 “Likes” on our Mommy Connections Durham Facebook page, Sky Zone Whitby and I have teamed up to give away a pass for a family of 4 to enjoy a 60-minute jump session at Sky Zone, located at 240 South Blair Street, Unit 2!
Stay tuned and look out for more details on our Facebook Page on how you can win!

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