REVIEW: Modern Eternity Is As Modern As It Gets!

Modern Eternity is a Canadian brand with a simple desire to create modern, comfortable wardrobe essentials. Born out of an obsession with creating the perfect coat, in one of the world’s coldest climates, the maternity wear line was born, and their 3-in-1 maternity coat and 4-way stretch maternity denims became hugely popular.

“Inspired by women who bring life into our world, we produce uncomplicated garments with the emphasis on fit, feel and style. Modern Eternity is a way of thinking, it’s about moving forward with change and not looking back. Here at Modern Eternity, it’s about putting passion and love into creating something that you, the wearer will not only look great in, but will give you the power to express your own eternal light.”

I was asked to review their newest style jacket, the “Lexi” – 3-in-1 fur trimmed hood maternity puffer , which retails for $180jacket6.00 Cdn.

Seeing how I had given birth 4-months ago, I could not wait for this goody to arrive. Of course, with the weather getting cooler and after raiding my closet for winter wear, I had already given up hope on finding a jacket that would actually fit my body and allow me to zip it up without looking like a stuffed sausage.  I was also wondering how I was going to handle my daily walks while wearing my baby girl with winter rolling around.

I was like a child at Christmas when the delivery arrived which apparently was very light. I ripped open the packaging and was
pleasantly surprised by the colour of the jacket. Calling it  “Dark Grey” as they do on their website doesn’t do this beautiful chevron-quilted piece any justice. It had a nice shimmer to it and looked almost pearl-like.

The jacket was soft to the touch and felt very light, living up to the company’s self-proclamation of “lightweight outerwear”. This didn’t seem to be an issue as I am generally warmer than normal anyway. I also assume the lighter material was inspired by the fact that it can get awfully warm rather quickly when babywearing so putting on this jacket was refreshing, a welcomed break from my past (and present) winter coats.

Instructions did not accompany the jacket but it wasn’t needed as at least one of the tags attached  to the sleeve of the coat served as a visual aid on how to wear it 3 different ways: during pregnancy, while wearing baby and without baby. Easy enough. Unfortunately, I missed the first look as my daughter is almost 5 months old. However, the other two looks I was right on time for.

jacket4It was time for our walk which would be a shortened one as it was rather cool out, but still great walking weather. Per usual, my daughter was lightly dressed in her long sleeved shirt and pants with socks and wearing a pink sweater with a hood. I put her in my carrier and then put on my Lexi. I was worried about the sizing, but it fit perfectly over both of us. I was easily able to zip up the jacket without any fear of pinching my daughter. The middle panel which was against my daughter as I wore her facing me was a different material than the rest of the jacket. It was a softer type of lining creating that comfort for her head as the jacket zipped up around her. Impressive. A little lower in the middle panel was almost like a pocket where both my hands could cradle her tiny bum but still be protected from the cold. For babies on the shorter side, the paneling can be zipped up then peeled down like a banana to so that jacket8baby isn’t swallowed by the jacket.

The faux-fur-lined hood on the jacket is there to block out the elements, and adds a nice touch to the overall look of the jacket, but it was my least favourite feature. I’m just not a fan of fur-lined hoods for so many reasons not relevant to this review, but the good news is the fur (not the hood) can be detached by snaps, not a zipper like you’d find on so many other jackets. I loved it!

jacket1As we walked, my daughter became drowsy as she often does when she is being rocked and is nice and cozy. I felt great as well. We’ve been together in the jacket for about 30 minutes now and still felt comfy, light and airy, and just warm enough even in the brisk, cool wind. I like that I had the option of the “pocket” under her bum or the pockets at the side of the jacket to warm my hands. I love my pockets and was a bit disappointed when I didn’t find inner pockets which is where I would keep my cellphone or keys. I certainly wouldn’t trust the pockets on the outside of the jacket as they were not protected by snaps or zippers. They were open pockets.

Once we arrived home, I removed the jacket and took my now sleeping jacket3daughter out of the carrier. Then with just the easy removal of the middle panel by simply unzipping it, I was able to achieve the 3rd look, the “baby-free” look. It was stylish, it was chic, it was great and loved the way it fit my curvy body.

Overall, the Lexi by Modern Eternity is a super,sleek, comfy, stylish and modern winter jacket that converts from pregnancy to baby- free with just the addition and/or removal of the middle panel. The simplified picture on the tag is all the instruction one would need to achieve all 3 looks. The cost seems a bit high at first until the versatility comes into play, which then makes it a steal considering all the features. More importantly, my daughter was still well protected from the cold and we were both warm and cozy without being overheated which is hard in itself to achieve, but this jacket, as lightweight as it is, accomplished just that.




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