It’s Back To School Time!! Are You Ready?


It’s the week before school starts! I can’t believe it. Where did the time go? Are you all set to send your kids back to school, or still doing last minute running around? I think I’m pretty much all set. I just have to sit and label EVERYTHING!!!

What’s the state of your emotions? Are you singing the Hallelujah Chorus, or is it the first time your little one will be heading off to school and you are trying to keep it together? I am a mixed bag of emotions. I just can’t wait for my sweetheart to be back in school so I don’t have to set an agenda as soon as I open my eyes of what to do to keep her and my son entertained all day. My voice will also get a rest from constantly screaming at times too, let’s be honest.  “Please be careful with your brother, Settle down, please share, stop teasing your brother by putting the toys so high that he can’t reach them.” Yet, as I eagerly look forward to her returning to school, I know I will miss her, and so will her little brother.

Although I look forward to the start of the school year, I don’t always look forward to packed lunches. Actually, it’s not that bad. I just try to involve my daughter the night before to find out what she would like to have so I know she will eat something, and I won’t be worried all day wondering if she ate or if she starved.

For those of you with little ones starting Kindergarten for the first time and you just don’t want to let go yet; trust me, they will be OK! It might take a while to get adjusted for the both of you, or they may just surprise you and come running out after the first day saying it was a GREAT day!

The last few tips I would like to share with you to help get you set for the school year are:

1) Don’t stress about the lunches. When in doubt, wondering what they would eat, just pack lots of things you know they like. They will eat something! Easy on the sugar as you may be placed in the teacher’s bad books 😊.
2) Practice packing those lunches. Which container(s) works best for their little hands to open, and make sure it’s not too heavy for them to carry.
3) Label EVERYTHING!! Even the lids of containers and water bottles. I use Mabel’s Labels. They work well and they have different packages geared to get your ready for school.
4) Get those bedtime routines going. You don’t want a tired child especially since naps have been taken away.

So enjoy the last few days of summer together. Good Luck!

And for you seasoned pros out there, what are some of your tips to get you ready and through the school year?



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