Mom & Tot Programs

A uniquely structured weekly program offers a place for both moms and toddlers to play, learn and develop.

Mom and TotMommy Connections brings moms together from around the neighbourhood to introduce them to the services and products available within their own communities. We provide educational and supportive programming for moms and toddlers, within a fun and social environment. Programs are modern and topical, changing regularly to reflect the needs of the community of moms within their area.  We are so excited to offer Toddler Connections in many of our communities.  This is an 8 week program that mom and toddler (Walking to 4 years) take together

Many of our programs include supervised play for the toddlers during the sessions that are geared toward informing moms about all things toddler including toilet training, picky eaters, positive discipline, sleep challenges and more.  The toddlers will join in for fun interactive sessions on sign language, music, dance, reading and more!

This is a fully packed programs for moms with busy toddlers on the move!

All moms get a swag bag full of discounts, samples and coupons.