Day 2 of the 10 Days of Giveaways

Blanket Scarf

Day 2 and next up are our friends at Smithery!

Smithery is an e-boutique based on the principles of personal styling to simplify shopping and make fashion more inclusive. One of our biggest style tips is to always think about your outfit in threes – the 3rd piece is the easiest way to take two basics and turn them into a LOOK. That includes vests, cardis, statement necklaces and the go-to 3rd piece of the season…the blanket scarf. And – bonus!-  it’s especially giftable because you seriously can’t have too many (not in Canadian winters!) and they fit all sizes.

What to think about when picking out a blanket scarf? Here’s a few starters:

  1. What colour is her coat: if you know what her jacket looks like, pick a scarf that will be a happy match. That can mean incorporating the same shade or picking a shade that is brilliantly contrasting.
  1. What is her colouring: Warm skin tones look better with warmer shades and cool skin tones look better with cooler shades
  1. What would she love but maybe not buy for herself: That’s the fun of gifting! A wild card can turn into the compliment magnet she never knew she was missing.

Every Smithery blanket scarf comes with a box of Teapigs loose leaf tea and styling tips. We’re calling it the cozy pack and it’s back for it’s second holiday season because styling the blanket scarf can sometimes feel elusive. But it’s not! The easiest and our favourite simple way to style it is below:

The Triangle

  1. Hold it open as a full square
  2. Fold the square in half to make a triangle
  3. Place the point of the triangle in front of you and hold the ends in either hand
  4. Cross the ends behind your head and pull them around to the front
  5. Tuck them under the scarf and adjust so you have some breathing room around the neck

Follow along with these step by step visuals from

How to Style a Blanket Scarf

Once that’s down, there are so many other ways to make the blanket scarf work for you.  This pinterest board will get you inspired!

Win this blanket scarf to gift (or to receive!). To enter hop on over to Facebook and find the Day 2 Giveaway posts on both the Mommy Connections East Toronto and Smithery pages and tag a friend in each. Have your friend follow our page for another entry and follow us on Instagram.


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