Day 7 of the 10 Days of Giveaways – No More Guilt


Let’s make it through to the New Year without feeling guilty, shall we? NO MORE GUILT. Even with all the parties, the drinks, the rich foods, the desserts, the eggnog, the cookies, the treats, and the chocolate…you can do it. And you can get your kids through it too without gorging on too much junk food and feeling bad about it (and maybe sick too).
I’m not suggesting you avoid any of the delicious items you crave during the season. I’m simply going to give you my top five ways to have it all in a realistic way. You can maintain balance through the holidays. It’s possible.

#1: Don’t Go Hungry
I literally mean don’t GO hungry. If you’re heading to a holiday party, cocktail party, or function, have a little something to eat before you go that contains a little protein and fibre. This could be a small salad, veggies and hummus or even an apple with some nut butter. We all know we make better decisions when it comes to food when our stomach isn’t growling. Ever grabbed that bag of chips when grocery shopping on an empty stomach? Yah, THAT. Avoid it by eating a small snack and then you’ll be able to resist piling everything on your plate.

#2: Plan Ahead
When it comes to kids and parties, we all do it. We put out the chips and popcorn and candy before the meal is even served and then our kids go all crazy and eat EVERYTHING and don’t eat a lick of dinner. If you’re concerned that snacks at a party will be unhealthy, or that your kids will only eat cookies, bring something! Plan to bring a fruit or veggie tray and let your kids know they have to have some of the good stuff before the bad stuff. Same goes if you’re hosting an event, have a healthy option so parents and kids can make better choices and leave it up to them!

#3: 80/20
I live by the 80/20 rule every day and this allows me to eat the birthday cake and have the wine and NOT have the guilt that usually comes along with it. 80% of the time, I eat as healthfully as I possibly can. I drink water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and make good decisions. This leaves the other 20% of my life to enjoy some treats and not worry so much. So if you start doing this now, you can allow yourself to “let loose” at a party and not feel bad about it the next day because you’ll get right back on track.

#4: Have the Treats
This goes hand in hand with #3. If your Great-Aunt only makes her special one-of- a-kind shortbread cookies that no one else makes and you can’t get them anywhere else and this is your only chance…well EAT THEM. And enjoy them! The Holidays don’t have to be all about food but there is something special about certain holiday treats that are only available NOW. They don’t sell eggnog in July…just sayin’.

#5: Every Day is Another Chance
So you made some bad decisions? Drank too much? Let your kids eat the Gingerbread house for dinner? It’s ok. Every day is another chance to start again and make a change. Have a really great breakfast. Find something green for lunch. Remember to hydrate. And take a deep breath.

You can make it through the holidays this year without gaining weight, without feeling sick, and without feeling guilty. Be aware of what is going on around you and how you feel. Enjoy yourself. Don’t stress! Plan ahead. And remember to smile and have fun! The holidays are only here once year and you deserve to enjoy them. Happy Holidays!

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