About Us

Learn. Experience. Socialize.

Mommy Connections introduces you to programs and services available within your community. Our classes provide a unique learning opportunity as well as a fun way to bond with your child and other moms in a social environment. Each week’s class offers a topic that is important to a new mom as well as something for moms to do with babies. This allows for a unique bonding opportunity with your little one while still fulfilling your need to obtain information and be social with other moms experiencing the same challenges, fears and excitement.

We provide educational and social connections for the modern family before baby and beyond.

Programs Offered

PRE NATAL: Leading experts prepare and inform the pre-natal mom for pregnancy, delivery and beyond *COMING SOON*

POST NATAL: Engaging new moms and babies through an interactive and educational weekly program. This group is for babies 0-12months old.

TODDLER: A uniquely structured weekly program offers a place for both moms and toddlers to play, learn and develop. This group is for moves – 3 years old.

OTHER: There are also other events and classes held, such as shopping parties, CPR courses & SupperWorks parties etc…

Visit our Class dates page to view a more detailed description of what classes are currently being offered.

How did Mommy Connections begin?

In 2008, after the birth of her first child, Carol Mcbee was one of very few participants who got a coveted spot in the province of Alberta post-natal program. It was evident that the province could not meet the demands of the growing parent population. Carol enjoyed her time in the class, connected with other local area moms and learned about a variety of important and valuable topics from health care to nutrition for her baby. However, she thought such classes should be available to everyone interested and soon after, Mommy Connections was born.

The Mommy Connections program is modelled after the informative style of programming of many of the hospital programs but is also coupled with additional topics of interest and activities for both pre and post-natal moms with babies and/or toddlers. Carol wanted to create a platform where moms could connect with other moms as well as connect to the services and programs offered within ones community.

Mommy Connections has now grown to have over 24 locations across North America and is still growing.