Prenatal Class: 1-day Intensive


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**We have partnered with Bloom to provide you with the best, the most fun, the most candid prenatal class out there! Kama Lee Jackson, B. H.Sc. (midwifery) not only shares her unique experiences, knowledge, and perspectives but she tells it like it is and will keep you laughing as you learn.**

How prepared do you feel for labour and birth? What about the wild ride of the early postpartum days/gong show? We’ll tell you EVERYTHING people aren’t telling you and, bonus, you’ll laugh as you learn.

Our Prenatal, Birth, and Postpartum group class will not just give you all the information you need but will also empower you to feel confident, strong, and excited about this wild, colourful, transitional time in your life. We’ll also connect you with other parents-to-be (not just moms!) who are in the exact same life stage as you are. In other words, when you are going through the postpartum blues and wondering if that thing you are feeling is normal, you will have other friendly, judgment-free ears to share the experience with.

Photo: Krista Fogel Photography

You’ll leave the class feeling confident about what lies ahead, your own strength, and the services available to you in your community. We hand select the best experts to teach our classes – you will learn everything from when to call your midwife or OB to what colour your newborn baby’s poop should be.

Select your date from the options in the drop-down menu. Each session runs from 10 a..m – 4:00 p.m.

Location : 1 Munro St., Oma Chiropractic and Wellness Centre (Queen St. E and Broadview) , Toronto, ON 

*All prenatal clients get a discounted rate for our Mom & Baby classes!





Price: from $248.00
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