Top 6 Things to Know about Brighpath Early Learning & Childcare Centres

Last month we had Brenna from Brightpath Early Learning & Childcare Centres visit our Mom & Baby Program to chat with the moms about childcare options and we learned so much!

Here are our top 6 takeaways from her visit:

  1. FLEXIBILITY: Brightpath has 3 centres in Edmonton which accept children from 6 weeks up to 12 years. They open as early as 6:30am and stay open as late as 7pm allowing you to be flexible with your schedule.
  2. SAFETY: The facility offers a safe and welcoming environment.  It has a key-fob entrance, a full time receptionist and a variety of other safety measures in place to ensure your little one is safe and sound from the minute you drop them off.
  3. NUTRITION: BrightPath has designed a menu that provides your child with the majority of their daily suggested nutritional intake (as per the Canadian Nutritional Food Guide).  Made from scratch, in their very own kitchen, the meals use fresh ingredients sourced locally whenever possible and are absolutely nut free.  BrightPath’s nutrition program is certified by a registered dietician, is age appropriate and will help your child experience new foods and flavours.
  4. SMART PLANNING: Children are divided into age-appropriate rooms, each featuring a kitchenette and the necessary resources to ensure your child has what he or she needs at any time. Each room follows a schedule that is appropriate to the age group and is similar to the other rooms, which helps kids to transition as they grow.
  5. CHILD DEVELOPMENT: BrightPath takes a holistic approach to child development, combining a strong curriculum and a superior environment, supported by a team of educators to identify and create opportunities leading to a child’s success.  Their all-inclusive program includes an integrated fitness, music and language program to help develop healthy choices for each child’s physical, psychological, social and emotional development. BrightPath understands the importance of a parent’s involvement in their child’s learning, so they provide developmental reports to parents every three months.
  6. PEACE OF MIND: With the BrightPath Connect app parents are updated on their child’s daily activities, what he or she learned that day, how he or she interacted with their playmates and educators, and even allows pictures to be uploaded. This app provides parents with a real-time connection to their child, allowing them to be present even when they’re at work.

With all of this, and so much more going on at BrightPath, it is truly a place that encourages learning and fun, while providing a safe and wholesome environment.  Truly a home away from home, your child will make friends, learn life skills and prepare for the future and you will feel safe and secure knowing that BrightPath has your child’s best interests at heart.

To learn more or schedule a tour of a centre in Edmonton visit or attend the National Open House this Saturday July 22, 2017!

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