Top 5 Things You Need for Baby this Summer

Days are getting longer and summer is right around the corner- We’re welcoming sunny days at the playground and looking forward to lazy days at the spray parks and taking in some of Edmonton’s many amazing festivals this year. Here are 5 of our favourite things to carry you through the summer…

  1. A great Natural Sunscreen – one that won’t leave baby looking like a friendly ghost. We love, love, love Think Baby – it’s SPF 50+ lotion and 30+ stick are waterproof and free of biologically harmful chemicals and not tested on animals.


  1. Bug Spray – those pesky mosquitos are such a bother but no match for this natural bug joose! We use it on kids and adults and it works amazing!!


  1. Noise Cancelling Headsets – we’ve taken ours everywhere – parades, fireworks, hockey games and even a Justin Bieber concert! This super cute set by Baby Banz comes with matching sunglasses too so babe is safe from sound and sun while still looking fab.


  1. A Folding Wagon – While you’re enjoying a great festival you’ll need a cart to haul all your kids things around and kids too when they tire out! Make the investment now (wish we had of!) and opt for the all terrain version- trust me you will be cursing yourself on your next beach vacation with toddlers without it! This Beach Wagon is great for all terrrains and I haven’t met an airline yet that won’t take is as a kids allowance (in place of a stroller or car seat) and also check it at the gate.


  1. Outdoor Blanket – you’ll need this for fireworks, splash parks and everything in between. We still use ours 2x/week at the 7 year old’s soccer games! There are a ton of super cute prints available at all different price points!


Runner Up- a Kiddie Pool – Cheap fun and necessary for hot summer days at home. It’s can also act as a safe space for outdoor tummy time (without water of course!) when filled with toys. Babe can’t ninja his way out! I personally like the inflatable versions compared to a hard plastic which are hard to store in winter. This Crab Pool is super cute and would be tons of fun for a toddler, too!


Our favourite things are all available at buybuyBaby and they offer free shipping over $49, so you can spend more time playing and less time doing chores!

What are some of your favourite summer necessities? Let us know in the comments!




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