Saying Goodbye and Warm Welcome to Our New Edmonton West Director:

Saying goodbye as director to Mommy Connections West is difficult for me. I have absolutely loved being part of the program since it’s early beginnings,  having been a participant in the first ever program in Riverbend where I met President Carol McBee.  Back then, my little girl was just 6 months old and it’s amazing to watch the growth of Mommy Connections as well my babies  in that 2.5 year period.  I’ve met so many wonderful moms, babies and toddlers and I cherish these connections. I love it when I run into the moms randomly at coffee shop, music or fitness class and see the babies from the mom & baby class grow into toddlers when they return in the mom & tot class.

The relationships I’ve made with other mompreneurs and local businesses in the community have been amazing. Thank you to all of you for your support and involvement in our programs. You have all helped make our programs what they are and have passed on so much valuable information to the moms that attend our programs. It’s been inspiring to watch your talents and passions. There are some local businesses that have truly made me feel like family and thank you so much for that!  I will miss working with you!

My life circumstances have changes slightly and my children are getting older (my baby just turned three on Friday and my son will be five in August) and I thought at this point in their age I would have more time, but as it turns out, I feel like they need me more. I really want to be more present for them and give them my full attention at this young age and this is the main stem of my decision.  The good news the very wonderful, Jennifer Neilsen (who is also the St. Albert Director) and a past participant in my program will be taking over the West Edmonton program, so I know the program is in very capable and amazing hands.

Thanks again everyone for being part of this journey for me, the friendships, the memories, the learning, the support – I’m grateful for all those that helped along the way and for the opportunity to meet so many amazing moms, sweet babies & children.

I want to leave with this reminder about how to LOVE MOTHERHOOD shared on from a blog which I quite enjoy:

Stay in Touch ~ Jenaya Buchko









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7 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye and Warm Welcome to Our New Edmonton West Director:

  1. we would like to thank you Jenaya, your group helped us make great friends…………enjoy the time with your little ones as they are growing so quickly! I hope to see you soon 🙂

  2. Your energy and passion will be missed Jenaya. Thanks for all the support over the years!


    PS – spending time w your lovely kids will not be regretted – you chose wisely!

    • Thank you Kyla (Feschuk Photo) for being so generous with your time and for being with me since the beginning!

  3. You I’ll be SO missed! You making programs so good is what made me want to be a Director. I loved take your class and working with you. Stay in touch!

    • Thanks Jen! I will miss you too but I know I’ll be seeing you at some Mommy Connection play dates in the future 🙂 Jenaya

  4. Thanks Jenaya for such an enjoyable time we had through Toddler Connections! Both my daughter and I learnt a lot. You did a such a wonderful job. All the best in your endeavors and hope to see you soon!

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