Moms be like….

ʍօʍՏ ҍҽ ӀíƘҽ…..

Today is the Day!! The kids are back to school! Tomorrow is also the first day of school for some grades!
My daughter Koraline starts school on Wednesday! She is going into Kindergarten 😱🤧
My oldest boy Chase started his first year of High School today! Now that’s crazy right there! (#🧓🏼feels)

With kids back in sesh, comes more adulting for us.
1. Schedules
2. Routines
3. Homework
4. Permission Forms
5. Hot Lunch Forms
6. Information Forms
7. Emails
8. Phone ☎️ calls home from the principal because your kid is fighting 🤦🏼‍♀️ ( my life last year 😆)

Routine is a must for me! As a Mother to Six, I need it.

First, it’s all about the timing! How long does it take your child/ren to eat? Get dressed? And to be out the door for school?
How far is the school? Are you walking 🚶‍♀️, driving 🚙, riding a bike 🚲??

Now add all the math up with a total of morning routine minutes. Then set your Alarm ⏰ to when you need to get up and the kids need to be up!
I only give half my boys EXACTLY the amount of time they need!
If they have any other extra time on hands, it’s a WWF match! All in good fun (for them) but, it’s not so fun for me or the girls as they are usually still sleeping 💤

Making lunches the night before is a HUGE time saver!
My kids are havin one sh!tty lunch 🍴 if I leave their lunches until the morning! Mommy ain’t awake enough for that 😆

Having their clothes picked out the night before is highly recommended. Especially when your half asleep child is not even paying attention to what they are pulling out their drawer and come out looking like Steve Urkel! 🤓

R⃕E⃕P⃕E⃕A⃕T⃕ R⃕E⃕P⃕E⃕A⃕T⃕ R⃕E⃕P⃕E⃕A⃕T⃕

“Seriously 😐 didn’t I just say all this!” 🤦🏼‍♀️

This is my life everyday! Even though I had said what was happening 💯 times, I still get,
“Can I go here!” (“No! We have … today!”)
“What time is…..?” (“Were you not listening the first 50 times I mentioned it?!”)

You get the point eh!

Then I had a genius idea 💡

I put up a white board in the porch. Right where everyone comes and goes and can clearly read what is happening for the day! The times, the activities & appointments! I even write the temperature 🌡

Every night I write out all what is going on the next day.
This has saved so many repeats. 🙆‍♀️

Once all the first day-ness and the school routine get back in order, comes Mom Time.

Your time could be spent cleaning, working or binging on Netflix!

Whatever it is you are doing while the kids are in school, you are doing it without having to entertain or break up any fights for about 6-7 hours.

Everyone has different versions of me time!

I still have a child at home. But it still counts as Mom time for me as I have only one child instead of six to feed, entertain etc for the day.

It’s also so much quieter as who is one child going to fight with 🤷🏼‍♀️ 😆

Heck if I can go to the store alone, that’s Mom Time 😂

What do you consider ‘Mom Time?’

Ah the evenings. My favourite time of the day 😒 NOT! 😆

Between the hours of 3:30 to bedtime is my high stress time! Everyone is tired out from the day, well mostly me 😂 Kids are either cranky or extremely hyper.
Then it’s make supper, activities, bedtime routine and getting ready for the next morning!

I am not sure 🤔 if it’s easier when the Hubbie is home or not during this time! It’s nice to have the extra set of hands, but not so nice when the Hubbie is interfering with “the routine”! 🙃

I like things MY way! I am a control freak! But to a point. The kids do better with the routine, I am less stressed and stuff gets done a lot quicker.

The Hubbie can be so distracting. You want to talk so that extends the evening routine, or he just wants to lay there making you mad 😠 because you have to do all the work.
But, when he does get up to help, you get annoyed 😒 because he is not doing it your way.
For realz tho. Can’t they just be mind readers and follow direction. 🤣
#bemyrobot 🤖

ҽʍíӀվ հɑɾԵ

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