Meet The Director

Raelene Dersch- Owner/Director

My name is Raelene and I became the Director of Mommy Connections Grande Prairie in August 2017 when we relocated from Edmonton.

When my son was just 4 months, I attended an 8-week Mom & Baby program with Mommy Connections. Every day was a new experience that involved great discussion, fun activities, and interesting speakers. We loved exploring what our community had to offer us and signed up for several of those programs, including music, dance, and swimming. What I value most about Mommy Connections are the friendships I made with a group of inspiring women whom I consider my core support team. Being a mom is an incredibly humbling experience full of joy, laughter, and tears. I believe it is so important to have a group with whom to share the joys and challenges of motherhood.

Prior to my son’s arrival in May 2016,  I worked as a full-time at Alberta Blue Cross as a Clinical Drug Analyst. I am so delighted to have been given the incredible opportunity to connect, educate, and meet other moms and dads while staying at home with my son. We love the family connections we’ve made  and all the local businesses we’ve collaborated with. Thank you so much for your continued support – from attending programs and events to engaging with us online – you are why and how our programs have grown so much!

I am so excited to continue to meet all of you and your little ones and look forward to connecting you with the amazing experts, programs, and services Grande Prairie have to offer while creating lifelong friendships!

Sincerely, Raelene Dersch

Ashlee Brinkman-  Program Facilitator

Hello! I’m Ashlee, I moved here from Ontario, and I have been in Alberta nearly 10 years, Grande Prairie for 8 of them. I’m a stay at home Mom to a 10 month old cutie who’s been keeping me busy with all sorts of new things each day. We joined the Mom & Baby program when my son was 4 months old, looking to get out and meet other moms, to which I would say ‘mission accomplished’! Looking forward to having more fun and meeting more friends.

Sincerely, Ashlee Brinkman

Emily Hart- MC Blogger

Sup Everyone. 🦄🦋


My name is Emily Hart. I am 37 years old and a full-time Mom to Six little Humans. My Girls are 2 & 5 👧👧and my Boys are 10,11,12, & 14 👦👦👦👦

I came across Mommy Connections last summer (2017) in the GP Community Connections Magazine. I signed the girls and I up and have been enrolled ever since. I have meet such amazing ladiez and lifetime friendships from this group. 👭👭👭I love going to different places each week and seeing what all around is here in our community.

I wouldn’t even go to half the places we have gone to if I didn’t sign up for these classes. Not because I didn’t or don’t want to go to them, more as I wouldn’t make it a plan to go myself.

Mommy Connections has become my extended family. One that I look forward to seeing each week. 💜💛 #mcclub

 Sincerely, Emily Hart