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I have recently moved to Grande Prairie in August. I became a first time mom in May 2016 to my little man Nixon. I am currently transitioning from a full time office position to my new role as Director/Owner of Grande Prairie for Mommy Connections. Very excited about this change. What else about me?? I have been described as bubbly with a little crazy and I absolutely LOVE HIPPOS!!! I look forward to connecting with other moms and programs within my new community.

From Baby bump to the Leftovers!








Ah the pregnancy 🤰 belly! My favourite! I really enjoyed being pregnant 🤰

(picture credit from Google)

Starting in the Second trimester The first trimester your tired AF. Your Bitchy AF as all the hormones are going wonky and you may or may not feel sick 🤢 or be sick 🤮 everyday!

The second Tri is the magical stage! You have a burst of energy! Your happier! You feel better and that beautiful little bump is growing!

The third Tri is all good until the last 3 weeks. As you are up all through the night having to go pee! Your back hurts! Your spouse won’t let you learn on him to help with the back-pain as ‘it hurts his back’ #eyeroll

Depending on if babies a girl or boy, you may get kicks in the rib cage or feel like your pelvic is gonna break in half every time you stand up!

What I do Love is you are treated like royalty People are holding the doors open for you! You get the chair while others have to stand! Everyone is so polite to you!
Then you have baby and your back to being Cinderella before her ‘if the shoe fits’ time.

I went through 4 pregnancies 🤰🤰🤰🤰2 boys, then 2 girls! My boys loved my Ribcage, while my girls loved to hang out in my pelvis/pelvic (like which one is it???) area !
After each birth tho, I would always become super sad about my nice hard and round belly being turned into this chunky and squishy belly that hung over my pants. Seriously tho, couldn’t all that extra chunk-ish just make its way down the birth canal as well! “All of you are getting evicted!! OUT! Up, you as well Chunk O, See ya the Fawk later!” Ahh. That be nice eh?

(picture credit from Google)
For me tho, I wouldn’t want anyone to look at me. I would always hide behind my children.
I used to never gain weight in my belly!
Before kids that is! It all went to my butt and thighs! #thunder
Now tho! I look at a burger and I am already busting a gut out of my pants
Besides the no sleep and the changes in life that come with being a parent, I find the hardest part (for me anyways) is the body change!
You may get stretch marks (I was lucky and didn’t get any with all 4 babies, not on my stomach anyway! My boobs, they were not so lucky They ended up with the fried egg look! Years of nursing 🤱 will do that. Nursing is amazing. (a topic for another time)

You may just be forever stuck with the muffin, and you just may not give AF! That’s super kool that you have that confidence.
Me personally tho, I don’t. That is myself conscious area! I will literally avoid hanging out with ppl if I feel “too fat” This probably sounds lame I know! But it’s my truth!

So, how to “deal” with the “leftovers”?
Well it all depends on you as a person! You may be happy with it all!
But, for those of you who are not, here are a few tips for dealing with the leftover blues:

This is Easier said then done, but that don’t mean you cannot start. You may fail too. So what. Start again and again and again. Each time you will get further on your journey!

1. Be active! (ask your doctor ⚕️
2. Go for walks, swimming ♀️ , Yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️

3. Embrace the moment! Remember everything takes time! Chill with baby snuggle, love Your body just pushed a baby out!
4. When cleared from your Doctor ⚕️ (usually 6 week mark) Start Exercising! Low impact at first and work your way up!

5. Abs are made in the kitchen! Pay attention to what you are eating, but also eat enough Calories if you are nursing 🤱 Your body NEEDS those extra ‘Healthy’ calories.

6. Read Personal Development! Ones that relate to body image or confidence or even being a new Mom!
7. Wear Pretty and flow-e dresses Nothing that is tight around the waist!

8. Wear high waisted leggings! Like SweetLegs. Not only are they comfy AF, they come in a sorts of funky to chill to kute patterns.
Like the ones shown here…


I know it can be depressing to have the extra chunkage! But, just remember, that belly of yours was a home for your little one! And with a little extra hard work, you can sweat all or at least most of that off

Emily Hart

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Can You Relate?

Can You Relate?



This is me, but with two little girls. My four older boys prefer to ask all the questions and need all the things as I am walking towards the bathroom or just about to shut the bathroom door.

When you become a parent. Going to the bathroom alone is like a vacation. I call it a win win if I get to wash my hair, and shave my legs during the same shower session.

Even to just go to the bathroom without anyone bugging you is like a Big Deal.

It does not matter what time of the day you go to the bathroom either. Nope. Your kids can be sleeping, playing outside, chilling in their room, eating lunch, playing with their toys. It’s like there is an alarm that goes off as soon as you step foot into the bathroom. This alarm sends signals to the children telling them they need to pee right then or that all of a sudden, their siblings are now annoying them.

Sometimes they suddenly need a hug and a kiss or feel the urge to try to make each other mad and throw their food around.

A few tips and tricks I have learned over the years when it comes to having a shower,  from the baby to teen stage are:


You probably won’t really even care to shower as you are tired AF. But, in case you do…

  1. Put your little one in a bouncer chair in the bathroom. That way they can see and hear you while you get to shower up. *not guaranteed to work every time.
  2. Have music playing. Turn up if need to.

The Toddler

There are only 2 choices here. Choose your battle.

  1. Ignore the whiny and crying while you are in the shower.
  2. Bring Toddler in the shower with you.


There is lots of talking and asking questions about all the things and for all the things at this age. They are very curious about everything. All they want to do is just talk. Or else they are just starving and can not wait until you get out, so there could be lots of whining.

  1. If it’s a debate while you shower, all you can do is role with it until you are done and you can kick them out and lock the door to get dressed while you both calm down.
  2. Have snacks out and a show on or an activity they can do while you are in the shower. That way you can enjoy a full shower.

School Kid

The school kid can be totally chill and let you shower with out bugging you.

But, as soon as you step into that shower. That is when there is knocking at the door and his friends want to play. So, he/she will be coming to ask you if they can go play with their friend, or if they can come in. And you won’t be able to her them, so you have to turn off the shower to hear what they are saying or get out and open the door ajar all like ‘WHAT!”

  1. Tell School Child that you are going to go shower and if anyone comes to the door or calls, that they will and you (child) are to wait until you are out of the shower to ask for anything.
  2. Blast Music, have on bathroom fan and pretend you can’t hear them. They will wait until you get out.


The pre-teen usually knows by now to not bug Mom while she is in the shower or even just the bathroom, unless it is an emergency.

They even tell their friends that they need to wait until their Mom is out of the bathroom before they can ask for anything or to go anywhere.

But, as soon as you step out of that bathroom, be prepared to get bombarded right away with all the questions.

TeenNow the Teen thinks that they have some sort of entitlement. That you ‘owe’ them. And when they want or need something, it is right now. And it’s not them that can’t wait. No, it’s all the friends that are waiting on them. No time for your shower while the world is about to end if they don’t get to where they need to go on time.

But, if you are in the shower. They won’t bug you until you are out.

With the Teen tho,

  1. They can entertain their little siblings while you have a shower.
  2. You can tell them they ain’t getting no money from you if they don’t let you get yourself ready before you go anywhere.

As you can tell from what you read, you are not alone (literally) when it comes to zero privacy or interruptions in the bathroom when you become a parent. It’s really just #momlife


Emily Hart

MCGP Blogger

July 28 2018

Introducing- Emily MCGP Blogger

Emily Hart- MC Blogger

Sup Everyone. 🦄🦋


My name is Emily Hart. I am 37 years old and a full-time Mom to Six little Humans. My Girls are 2 & 5 👧👧and my Boys are 10,11,12, & 14 👦👦👦👦

Yup! I got my hands full.

To say I am a hot mess is an understatement. 😂

But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I would not be where I am today or have met the people I have without my little/not so little humans.

Not only am I a full-time Mom,

I’m an Online Health & Fitness Mentor 🤸👭🥗Follow me on my IG @emily_is _hartkore

I am also taking 3 at home school courses. For the knowledge. I love to learn all the things.

The courses are, Fitness & Nutrition, Stress Management and Drug Counselling.

Andddd 🤣 I just recently have taken on the role as MCGP Blog Manager. I have never written a blog before. But, I have always wanted to. I do like to write, but never have taking the time to really just write. #momlife

I also like to cuss. But, The Boss won’t let me. 🙅

I came across Mommy Connections last summer (2017) in the GP Community Connections Magazine. I signed the girls and I up and have been enrolled ever since. I have meet such amazing ladiez and lifetime friendships from this group. 👭👭👭I love going to different places each week and seeing what all around is here in our community.

I wouldn’t even go to half the places we have gone to if I didn’t sign up for these classes. Not because I didn’t or don’t want to go to them, more as I wouldn’t make it a plan to go myself.

Mommy Connections has become my extended family. One that I look forward to seeing each week. 💜💛 #mcclub

 Sincerely, Emily Hart

Teddy Bear Wrap Up

The Day Has come and Gone and what a day it was!!

Despite the rain and could cover, the event was Outstanding.

Big shout out to Country Roads RV Park for providing their BIG RED barn for the day. All the activities were moved into this covered space to keep everyone DRY and WARM. Asheni Medic for being the Location Sponsor! Teddy Bears donating by BW Berch

Shout out to:

 Food Sponsors for providing a feast fit for royals!

        Panago Pizza, Freson Brothers, No Frills, Safeway, and Europa Deli!

 Local Swag Bag sponsors for filling the sacks with goodies!

Door prize Donations!

Entertainment Sponsors!


Bear Name Tags By ScrapitinBlue Designs

HulaHoop Circus PlayWorkShop

Bear Masks ( Evelyn from Function First for helping make), Coloring Station and Bubbles

Three Legged Race Sponsor Cathy Joyce from Discovery Toys

Baby Crawl Sponsor- Lesley from Crystal Bookkeeping

Finally our Photographer for the day  CRISTY ELLEN

I am currently recoping for the exciting day! Cant wait to see everyone NEXT YEAR!

Teddy Bear Picnic UPDATE

We are only 4 days away from the BIG event!

Brief run down of event details. In the event of RAIN, we have the red barn to hide out in.

Registration OPEN- 10:45am
Face Paint 11:00
3-legged race- 11:30
Baby Crawl 12:00 (noon)
Lunch 12:30
Hula Hoop Circus 1:30
Water balloon toss 2:45
End of Day 3:00

Ongoing- Photobooth, crafts, outdoor games, and much more.

Thank you all our community Sponsors and Donations!

Fall Classes Released!

Fall Class Registration has begun!

Both Mom& Baby and Mom & Tot have been released!



Sign up now as both fill up fast.

Teddy Bear Picnic-SOLD OUT

Unbelievable! WE ARE SOLD OUT

Mommy Connection Grande Prairie  is proud to host the popular annual Teddy Bears Picnic on Saturday July 21, 2018, from 11:00- 3:00 pm at COUNTRY ROADS RV Park!


We’re thrilled to have partnered with Panago Pizza (link:  https://www.panago.com/ )   for this event. They’ll be delivering complimentary slices of their delicious pizza for the guests whom rsvp. Across the board Panago uses quality ingredients you can feel good about feeding your family including 100% Canadian wheat and cheese, pork and chicken raised without the use of antibiotics, organic Italian tomato sauce and zero artificial colours or flavours ever. Truly #qualityworthsharing – and a great go-to for busy weeknights and park parties alike!

Introducing Ashlee- New Program Administrator

Hello! I’m Ashlee, I moved here from Ontario, and I have been in Alberta nearly 10 years, Grande Prairie for 8 of them. I’m a stay at home Mom to a 10 month old cutie who’s been keeping me busy with all sorts of new things each day. We joined the Mom & Baby program when my son was 4 months old, looking to get out and meet other moms, to which I would say ‘mission accomplished’! Looking forward to having more fun and meeting more friends.


Sincerely, Ashlee Brinkman


Ashlee will be helping out with the Playground Group!


Teddy Bear Picnic- OVER HALF SOLD OUT

Don’t miss your chance to Join us July 21, 2018

Mommy Connection Grande Prairie  is proud to host the popular annual Teddy Bears Picnic on Saturday July 21, 2018, from 11:00- 3:00 pm at COUNTRY ROADS RV Park!

Children, parents and teddy bears are invited to enjoy an afternoon of crafts, activities and entertainment. Bring your own teddy and have an amazing afternoon together!

Register your little ones to participate in the events including Baby Crawl sponsored by Crystal Bookkeeping and Taxes, Three Legged Races Sponsored by Teddy’s Discovery Toy Box, plus much, much more!

Plus All Children will receive a TEDDY BEAR sponsored locally by B.W. Berch Concrete!

NCP Studios will be there capturing the days events as well as doing Mini Sessions!

HulaHoop Circus will be performing!

Trinity Face Paint will be creating ANIMALS!

Lunch will be provided.

Space is limited so sign up today!

Make an impact in our community – consider sponsoring the region’s special events. If your company is interested in participating as a sponsor for this event, please call Raelene Dersch at 780-910-7706 or email raelened@mommyconnections.ca.

Sorry, there are NO refunds for this event.


Teddy Bear Picnic