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I have recently moved to Grande Prairie in August. I became a first time mom in May 2016 to my little man Nixon. I am currently transitioning from a full time office position to my new role as Director/Owner of Grande Prairie for Mommy Connections. Very excited about this change. What else about me?? I have been described as bubbly with a little crazy and I absolutely LOVE HIPPOS!!! I look forward to connecting with other moms and programs within my new community.

Mom and Baby Fall 2 Friday Afternoons

Join us this fall for Mom and Baby 🍼🍼This class is on Friday’s . Register through webpage🌸🌸.

Mom & Baby is almost full😊. Sign up today! Starts soon. #momandbaby#mommyconnectionsgp

When: Fridays November 2- December 14 ( No Class November 23)

What: Expert speakers & fun activities

Time- 1:00 pm- 2:00pm

Sample Schedule Subject to Change



Mom and Tot Fall 2 Tuesday Mornings

Do you have a confident walker that would love to get out with you and try a bunch of new activities? Then this program is perfect for you!

The Travelling Tot program runs for 8 weeks and is FIELD-TRIP BASEDEach week we will be at a new location doing something totally different! It’s a great chance for you and your toddler to have fun together and make new friends as you try out various activities around town!

When: Tuesdays, November 13- December 18 (6 weeks)



We want to celebrate and spoil our expecting moms with a Baby Shower!

The Ultimate Baby Shower event would be a three hour private shopping party exclusively for Mommy Connections expecting families.

Join us for a special store-warming ‘baby shower’ event on Sunday, November 18, 2018 from 11 am to 2 pm.

There will be mixing and mingling, games, treats, and gift bags.

You’ll have the opportunity to talk to local parenting experts and ask questions about topics like breastfeeding, sleep, nutrition, and more.

There will also be prizes and savings !

Here are the full details:

Date: Sunday, November 18, 2018

Check out the Registeration HERE !

Limited Spots Available! Do NOT delay!

Weekly Wrap Fall #1

First class was a success!! 🙌🏽

Mom and Tots went to the Philip J Currie Dinosaur 🦖 Museum for Dino 🦕 Story 📖 Time.

The kids learnt about Dinosaurs 🦕 🦖 through a short cartoon, props and a tour around the museum.

The dinosaur 🦖 🥚 puppet was the best. I loved his little Dino version voice.

Did you know that birds 🦅🐦 are dinosaurs too 🤔 🧐 ??

I didn’t 🤷🏼‍♀️😆

The kids got to decorate their own hats with stickers too.    🦖🦕🌿🍃

When class was done we had our own free time to explore the Museum.

Thank you Rae for the snap of me… 🤣

#letyourinnerdorknessshine 🤓

Check out Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum here:


Next weeks class we are off to the Crosslink County Sportsplex for some Tender Tots fun! 🎾🥅


Mom and Baby class is off to a great start. Every Friday afternoon, Momma’s and their Little ones meet up for some Mom and baby 👶 chat 💭 while checking out what there is available and around right here in Grande Prairie.

First class met at cαrrч mє mσmmч! A locally owned company that has recently opened.

I wish this place was open when I had my little ones. The stuff in there is Soo Kute, fashionable and all made chemically free.

The ladies got to see demonstrations of how to wear certain baby wear and how more convenient some of these baby items are.

While visiting Carry Me Mommy, Hailee (A Family Sleep Consultant) came in to chat 💭 with the Momma’s about sleeping 💤 tips, issues you may come across and to address any questions or concerns you may have with your Babies 👶 sleep pattern or lack of. She also helps with sleep training your baby or toddler.

First class went really well.

Next week, Momma and Babies are off too: Function First Paediatrics for Motor Milestones with Josh.


Don’t forget to check out the Mommy Connections GP website for upcoming classes.


New Classes Just Released!

Did you miss out on the Fall Classes?

Great News! New Programs have been released For November!

Check out the links below and SIGN UP TODAY



Moms be like….

ʍօʍՏ ҍҽ ӀíƘҽ…..

Today is the Day!! The kids are back to school! Tomorrow is also the first day of school for some grades!
My daughter Koraline starts school on Wednesday! She is going into Kindergarten 😱🤧
My oldest boy Chase started his first year of High School today! Now that’s crazy right there! (#🧓🏼feels)

With kids back in sesh, comes more adulting for us.
1. Schedules
2. Routines
3. Homework
4. Permission Forms
5. Hot Lunch Forms
6. Information Forms
7. Emails
8. Phone ☎️ calls home from the principal because your kid is fighting 🤦🏼‍♀️ ( my life last year 😆)

Routine is a must for me! As a Mother to Six, I need it.

First, it’s all about the timing! How long does it take your child/ren to eat? Get dressed? And to be out the door for school?
How far is the school? Are you walking 🚶‍♀️, driving 🚙, riding a bike 🚲??

Now add all the math up with a total of morning routine minutes. Then set your Alarm ⏰ to when you need to get up and the kids need to be up!
I only give half my boys EXACTLY the amount of time they need!
If they have any other extra time on hands, it’s a WWF match! All in good fun (for them) but, it’s not so fun for me or the girls as they are usually still sleeping 💤

Making lunches the night before is a HUGE time saver!
My kids are havin one sh!tty lunch 🍴 if I leave their lunches until the morning! Mommy ain’t awake enough for that 😆

Having their clothes picked out the night before is highly recommended. Especially when your half asleep child is not even paying attention to what they are pulling out their drawer and come out looking like Steve Urkel! 🤓

R⃕E⃕P⃕E⃕A⃕T⃕ R⃕E⃕P⃕E⃕A⃕T⃕ R⃕E⃕P⃕E⃕A⃕T⃕

“Seriously 😐 didn’t I just say all this!” 🤦🏼‍♀️

This is my life everyday! Even though I had said what was happening 💯 times, I still get,
“Can I go here!” (“No! We have … today!”)
“What time is…..?” (“Were you not listening the first 50 times I mentioned it?!”)

You get the point eh!

Then I had a genius idea 💡

I put up a white board in the porch. Right where everyone comes and goes and can clearly read what is happening for the day! The times, the activities & appointments! I even write the temperature 🌡

Every night I write out all what is going on the next day.
This has saved so many repeats. 🙆‍♀️

Once all the first day-ness and the school routine get back in order, comes Mom Time.

Your time could be spent cleaning, working or binging on Netflix!

Whatever it is you are doing while the kids are in school, you are doing it without having to entertain or break up any fights for about 6-7 hours.

Everyone has different versions of me time!

I still have a child at home. But it still counts as Mom time for me as I have only one child instead of six to feed, entertain etc for the day.

It’s also so much quieter as who is one child going to fight with 🤷🏼‍♀️ 😆

Heck if I can go to the store alone, that’s Mom Time 😂

What do you consider ‘Mom Time?’

Ah the evenings. My favourite time of the day 😒 NOT! 😆

Between the hours of 3:30 to bedtime is my high stress time! Everyone is tired out from the day, well mostly me 😂 Kids are either cranky or extremely hyper.
Then it’s make supper, activities, bedtime routine and getting ready for the next morning!

I am not sure 🤔 if it’s easier when the Hubbie is home or not during this time! It’s nice to have the extra set of hands, but not so nice when the Hubbie is interfering with “the routine”! 🙃

I like things MY way! I am a control freak! But to a point. The kids do better with the routine, I am less stressed and stuff gets done a lot quicker.

The Hubbie can be so distracting. You want to talk so that extends the evening routine, or he just wants to lay there making you mad 😠 because you have to do all the work.
But, when he does get up to help, you get annoyed 😒 because he is not doing it your way.
For realz tho. Can’t they just be mind readers and follow direction. 🤣
#bemyrobot 🤖

ҽʍíӀվ հɑɾԵ

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Mom and Baby Fall

This modernized and fun program is held on Friday’s for 60 minutes and includes expert speakers and activities for infant sleep, nutrition & post-natal fitness, cloth diapering, medication education, Mommy & Me photography session, and more! Each class leaves plenty of time for mom-talk and baby-babble each week so that you are sure to make friends with everyone!

Babies are usually between 0-12 months old, non-mobile and crawlers/early walkers

You can take our programs as many times as you want!

From Baby bump to the Leftovers!








Ah the pregnancy 🤰 belly! My favourite! I really enjoyed being pregnant 🤰

(picture credit from Google)

Starting in the Second trimester The first trimester your tired AF. Your Bitchy AF as all the hormones are going wonky and you may or may not feel sick 🤢 or be sick 🤮 everyday!

The second Tri is the magical stage! You have a burst of energy! Your happier! You feel better and that beautiful little bump is growing!

The third Tri is all good until the last 3 weeks. As you are up all through the night having to go pee! Your back hurts! Your spouse won’t let you learn on him to help with the back-pain as ‘it hurts his back’ #eyeroll

Depending on if babies a girl or boy, you may get kicks in the rib cage or feel like your pelvic is gonna break in half every time you stand up!

What I do Love is you are treated like royalty People are holding the doors open for you! You get the chair while others have to stand! Everyone is so polite to you!
Then you have baby and your back to being Cinderella before her ‘if the shoe fits’ time.

I went through 4 pregnancies 🤰🤰🤰🤰2 boys, then 2 girls! My boys loved my Ribcage, while my girls loved to hang out in my pelvis/pelvic (like which one is it???) area !
After each birth tho, I would always become super sad about my nice hard and round belly being turned into this chunky and squishy belly that hung over my pants. Seriously tho, couldn’t all that extra chunk-ish just make its way down the birth canal as well! “All of you are getting evicted!! OUT! Up, you as well Chunk O, See ya the Fawk later!” Ahh. That be nice eh?

(picture credit from Google)
For me tho, I wouldn’t want anyone to look at me. I would always hide behind my children.
I used to never gain weight in my belly!
Before kids that is! It all went to my butt and thighs! #thunder
Now tho! I look at a burger and I am already busting a gut out of my pants
Besides the no sleep and the changes in life that come with being a parent, I find the hardest part (for me anyways) is the body change!
You may get stretch marks (I was lucky and didn’t get any with all 4 babies, not on my stomach anyway! My boobs, they were not so lucky They ended up with the fried egg look! Years of nursing 🤱 will do that. Nursing is amazing. (a topic for another time)

You may just be forever stuck with the muffin, and you just may not give AF! That’s super kool that you have that confidence.
Me personally tho, I don’t. That is myself conscious area! I will literally avoid hanging out with ppl if I feel “too fat” This probably sounds lame I know! But it’s my truth!

So, how to “deal” with the “leftovers”?
Well it all depends on you as a person! You may be happy with it all!
But, for those of you who are not, here are a few tips for dealing with the leftover blues:

This is Easier said then done, but that don’t mean you cannot start. You may fail too. So what. Start again and again and again. Each time you will get further on your journey!

1. Be active! (ask your doctor ⚕️
2. Go for walks, swimming ♀️ , Yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️

3. Embrace the moment! Remember everything takes time! Chill with baby snuggle, love Your body just pushed a baby out!
4. When cleared from your Doctor ⚕️ (usually 6 week mark) Start Exercising! Low impact at first and work your way up!

5. Abs are made in the kitchen! Pay attention to what you are eating, but also eat enough Calories if you are nursing 🤱 Your body NEEDS those extra ‘Healthy’ calories.

6. Read Personal Development! Ones that relate to body image or confidence or even being a new Mom!
7. Wear Pretty and flow-e dresses Nothing that is tight around the waist!

8. Wear high waisted leggings! Like SweetLegs. Not only are they comfy AF, they come in a sorts of funky to chill to kute patterns.
Like the ones shown here…


I know it can be depressing to have the extra chunkage! But, just remember, that belly of yours was a home for your little one! And with a little extra hard work, you can sweat all or at least most of that off

Emily Hart

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