Small Business Spotlight: January-March


Small Business Spotlight:January-March

How would you like to connect with thousands and thousands of our fabulous Mama’s to share your amazing business? Check out what we can do for you!

This fall, let us help you get your business noticed! For a limited time only (January-March), we would LOVE to showcase your business! Here’s what we can do for you:

1.  Sidebar ad: your ad will appear in the sidebar on every page of our website for the months of January-March.
2.  Newsletter Sponsorship:  Includes blog or article (provided by you), your logo, and web link (blog or article would also live on the website) that goes into our newsletter and out to over 3000 subscribers.
3.  Facebook Live: We will come to you and do a facebook OR instagram live where you can share the highlights of your amazing business!
4.  Social media promotion: We’ll sing your praises to our loyal following on Facebook and Instagram!
5. Giveaway: If you would like to get traffic to your site, we are happy to share the details of a giveaway hosted on your site!

Here’s our numbers:

Facebook: 1400

Instagram: 600

Newsletter: 3000

This is a once a year offering we do every fall to help support all our small businesses!

Investment: $250

We look forward to working together! Contact us below for more information or sign up for the week of your choice and we will contact you!

Make this your fall to see your business grow!

Price: $250