5 Things every Mom should have in her camera bag

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Guest post by Rebecca Clarke Emotive Photographer, RebeccaClarke.ca

Although there are some standard things like extra batteries, memory cards, and lens cleaning cloths that commonly live in your camera bag, there are some less obvious items that make taking pictures of kids go much smoother.

1)  Safety Pins: Great for pinning errant clothing in place, temporarily fixing broken dress straps and all kinds of zippers, and attaching cute accessories to clothing (think small silk flower on a sweater).

2)  Mini First Aid Kit: Be your kid’s hero when you make it all better after a fall or a scrape with band aids and Polysporin.

3)  Moist Towelettes: These are epically handy if you are taking pictures outdoors. They get grime off of hands and faces without you having to haul them home and chuck them in the bathtub.

4)  Paper and Pen: This serves two functions. First, you can write down the contact information of other moms you may meet who would like copies of your pictures. Second, you can let your kids draw when they are not in pictures (or when they are and you want them to keep still).

5)  Snacks: Snacks or treats make a great reward for good behavior or simply for a well deserved break.

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