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I am very excited to introduce the addition of some local guest Momma Bloggers from the Leduc and Beaumont areas! I will be posting one blog post a week on a different topic. Here are a couple ideas that have floated around: Mom guilt, travelling with your little one, 1st vs 3rd pregnancies, pressures of being a first time mom, surviving newborn twins, life after IVF, miscarriage and natural alternatives! There will be a wide range of topics and I am looking forward to sharing it all with you. Now, below is our team of guest momma bloggers that are going to be sharing some of their stories/lessons – whether good or bad – with all of you!



Kayla Kaliszuk

Kayla is a 26 year old certified interior decorator that gave up a life of glamorous tile selections to pursue motherhood, co creating her own business (Cherry Creek Soap & Co.), and becoming a cliche #momboss!

To view Kayla’s Cherry Creek Soap & Co business, visit here:


Katie Pressé

Dangerously close to turning 30, I am a stay at home mom to 3 angelic children (HA!)…Colin (7), Molly (4) & Quinn (8 months).  My incredibly hardworking husband Nick and I have been together nearly a decade & have called Alberta home since 2008.  I am passionate about my family, volunteering, fundraising/charity work, and truly enjoy putting my heart into the community.  A huge part of MY community is a circle of 3000+ women in the Facebook group, Leduc Mamas, which I founded 7 years ago as an insecure, lonely, brand new mom.

I’m a pop culture nut, and love to cook.  I would like to call myself a Pinterest guru, but I have more failures than successes…trying is worth something though, right? Old man winter and I don’t get along, but I love to be outdoors when it doesn’t make my face hurt.  I’m always looking to explore more of what Alberta has to offer and can’t wait to continue building our crazy little life here in Leduc!


 Amy Holland

I am 28 years old and a first time mom to a baby girl who will be a year at the end of April. Where has the time gone? I will have been married for 3 years in the summer. My husbands put up with my crazy ideas for over 10 years though. I am also a crazy dog lover and have 2 fur babies as well – one is a rescued black lab heeler and the other is a dachshund. They are the goofiest pair of friends. I am passionate about my family, friends, being outdoors, fun adventures and teaching and inspiring children. I will be returning to work at the beginning of April and will be teaching grade 2 to add another thing to my crazy life.

Since this is our first baby, we have found that we have made some mistakes but we have learned even more. My newest challenge will be balancing work, being a mother, and a wife. I hope to inspire and help other moms by sharing my relatable stories.


Andrea Spaude-Kerr

I’m a stay at home mama to boy/girl twin toddlers that likesto read, write, craft and practice yoga. I am discovering a new passion somewhere deep down for baking and am a huge animal lover. I drink way too much coffee during the day and stay up too late at night. I enjoy crime reality shows, Vietnamese food, potty humor, any movie with Vin Diesel except for The Pacifier and colorful fluffy socks.


 Melanie Gallie

I’m the farmer behind FrugalBushBunny CSA Farm just an hour from Alberta’s capital. My life as wife & mother of two is pretty crazy! Gardening, hunting, foraging, fishing & raising farm animals keep me outdoors a lot. I love to shop…anywhere. I’m as happy thrifting as I am visiting William Sonoma & my obsession with stationary & Hello Kitty are probably detrimental to my bank account.

I’m the mom at the park talking loudly on the phone dropping F bombs & not really paying attention to my kids. Because honestly I brought them to the park so I could have a few moments to catch up with my long distance BFF.  I’m also the mom who teaches my kids to be strong independent individuals by showing them that you don’t have to be a push over to be nice & that compassion for others is not a weakness. That learning something for yourself is always better than relying on someone else & the only way to fail is to give up (but none of that everyone is a winner crap!)

I’m the mom with crayon/paint/s**t (probably literally) on the walls, housekeeping never makes it on my To Do list. I let my kids cook & bake & use sharp pointy knives under my supervision (I swear I’m not THAT bad!) And we try to go on as many family dates & adventures as possible.

I’m a little bit of everything rolled into one & I’m going to keep following my heart no matter what!

To check out Melanie’s FrugalBushBunny CSA Farm, check out her page here:


 Michelle Mack

I  am a wife of almost 11 years to a man that loves me and all my crazy ideas and ways, mom to 3 totally different and look nothing like me kids (2 girls 9,7 and a boy 18 months and 2 angel babies up in heaven). I have been a stay at home mom for 9 years and after my 2nd child I realized I love being home but it wasn’t as fulfilling as I once dreamed it to be. I longed for my own identity and the opportunity to contribute in my own way to our family.

Three years ago I was introduced to Young Living Essential oils and I have been an oily addict ever since. I have since built a team and business from home that fulfills me, I teach and share with others how to implement essential oils into our daily lives and reduce chemicals and toxins in our homes.

Outside of my domesticated duties and working, I fill my days with  friends and coffee, motherhood has brought me a whole tribe of woman I couldn’t live without. If you are a mom you need mom friends. They will keep you sane, assure you that you are not alone , encourage you, cry with you and laugh with you! My other loves include home decor, MLS listings, blogging, and a well delivered F bomb.  As I near 40 and reflect on the last 10 years of creating life, learning, growing, stretching, failing and surviving I hope to continue keeping it real and encouraging moms to embrace our perfectly imperfect lives.

For more information on Michelle’s essential oil journey, visit her here:


 Chantal Aird

Hi, I’m Chantal- wife of Steve, Momma to Natalie, Layla & Olivia, Photographer, Blogger, and Dreamer. I started blogging in 2017 to find fun, local family gems in Alberta. I love inspiring families to create memories with the activities I find and appreciate the insight I gain through the parenting stories I share. I am a stay at home mom in the prairies and I help with my family’s toy store business. I believe in supporting local businesses to keep our communities vibrant.

To follow her journey, check her out on Facebook:


About amberhill

My name is Amber Hill and I am currently mother to a crazy spitfire of a little 2 year old girl named Maya. She definitely keeps me busy and on my toes every day and I love every second of it! My husband and I are also awaiting the arrival of Baby Hill #2 at the end of April 2017. I always knew that I wanted to have a family of my own. I grew up an only child and was lonely at times - I remember asking my parents on many occasions for a younger brother, but alas that did not happen! Ever since I was younger, I wanted a large family - back then I wanted 8 kids, I have rethought that considerably! My love of young children grew more when my husband and I started dating (and then married). It was at this time that his older siblings were starting to expand their families and I got to spend more time around nieces and nephews. I knew even more so that a family is what I wanted in the future for me! Prior to being a stay at home mom to Maya (and future kids), I worked in the oil and gas industry for a few years. I have been lucky enough to obtain an Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education/Kinesiology from the University of Alberta. Prior to my education and during, I also coached many basketball teams and loved being involved with not only children/teenagers, sports but also community! I grew up in Wetaskiwin which is also a smaller community, and have always loved the feeling of a small well-knit community. Due to growing up in a smaller city, it has given me this view of community and how I would like it to be. Despite Leduc being bigger than my hometown, I love the sense of community in this city - it still has the small town feel. I have met many loving and caring people through various programs as well as small businesses that make living in this city so enjoyable. I look forward to exploring this community more and being able to extend more opportunities to those that choose to be involved with Mommy Connections!

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