Meet the Director Leduc and Beaumont


My name is Amber Hill and I am currently mother to a crazy spitfire of a little 2 year old girl named Maya. She definitely keeps me busy and on my toes every day and I love every second of it! My husband and I are also awaiting the arrival of Baby Hill #2 at the end of April 2017.  I always knew that I wanted to have a family of my own. I grew up an only child and was lonely at times – I remember asking my parents on many occasions for a younger brother, but alas that did not happen! Ever since I was younger, I wanted a large family – back then I wanted 8 kids, I have rethought that considerably!

My love of young children grew more when my husband and I started dating (and then married). It was at this time that his older siblings were starting to expand their families and I got to spend more time around nieces and nephews. I knew even more so that a family is what I wanted in the future for me!

Prior to being a stay at home mom to Maya (and future kids), I worked in the oil and gas industry for a few years. I have been lucky enough to obtain an Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education/Kinesiology from the University of Alberta. Prior to my education and during, I also coached many basketball teams and loved being involved with not only children/teenagers, sports but also community! I grew up in Wetaskiwin which is also a smaller community, and have always loved the feeling of a small well-knit community.

Due to growing up in a smaller city, it has given me this view of community and how I would like it to be. Despite Leduc being bigger than my hometown, I love the sense of community in this city – it still has the small town feel. I have met many loving and caring people through various programs as well as small businesses that make living in this city so enjoyable. I look forward to exploring this community more and being able to extend more opportunities to those that choose to be involved with Mommy Connections!

When my husband and I had our daughter, I started to feel very lonely as my current close friends were not at the point in their lives where they had kids of their own yet. I wanted to get out of the house more and meet new people so I began to look around for some mom groups and mom and baby groups – I came upon Mommy Connections! I had never heard of it before but loved the idea of it and what it would bring to my life. I quickly signed up and was hooked! I ended up registering for three sessions and then was asked to facilitate after that. When the director informed me that she was stepping down to return to work, I quickly jumped on the opportunity to apply. I have made many new and lasting friendships/relationships with both moms and presenters we have had come in to demonstrate. I look forward to being able to provide this same opportunity to moms in the Leduc and Beaumont area!