My New Creative Outlet

May 23, 2013 my sweet little baby boy Dawson was born, baby #2 to our family!  Welcoming our new addition into the family was wonderful, yet a little bit challenging as Emmy (who was almost 5 at the time) was very comfortable being the “only child” at the time.  With all of the little ups and downs that we went through, I found that I needed a creative hobby that I could do in the evening once the kiddos were in bed. So I started SEWING (yes, me).

Before I knew it, Urban Cowgirl Designs + Accessories was born.  Since October 2013, I have made literally HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of Infinity Scarves for people not only in Lethbridge, but all across Canada too!  This little “side job” has been so wonderfully rewarding.  I never knew that I could enjoy sourcing fabric, prints, and creating designs as much as I do!  Plus, I always love a good Infinity Scarf – it’s my go-to “mom-accessory” (honestly, it’s the best most practical piece of fashion that any mom could own)!

With all of that said, it brings me to this….my new(est) creative outlet!

Curating outfits.  I don’t know if you’ve ever spent any time on Polyvore, but let me tell you, it’s my new obsession!  What a handy tool for finding new fashion items, designing cute oufits, and not to mention a great way for me to add my Infinity Scarves into the mix too and actually SEE the possibilities!

Weekend Casual – perfect for hitting up your local Farmer’s Market or a relaxed afternoon of shopping.
Going out this weekend? Super chic skinnies paired with a flowy charcoal tank and Urban Cowgirl black and oatmeal bamboo Infinity Scarf.
And because I live in Southern AB, every gal needs her cowgirl attire!
As you can see from above, Polyvore is my new love.  I think that we are going to get along quite fabulously!

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